How CBD Can Help Your Senior Dog Live Its Best Life

When it comes to owning a dog there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Whether you are getting your puppy from a rescue or paying top dollar for a specific breed of your choice, there’s a lot to owning a dog and making sure they live a good life. The food, the toys, the equipment and of course the exercise!

While owning a dog is definitely hard work at times, especially during the potty-training phase, the reward far outways the costs. Every dog has unique needs and requires something different from its dog parent. A lot of this comes down to the breed and age of the dog, but also its natural disposition and personality play into its needs quite a bit. Part of the joy of being a dog parent is figuring out what your puppy needs to live its best, happiest, and fullest life.

One supplement you may not be aware of that can help your dog live its best life, is CBD. While you may not be familiar with dog cbd, this is something that can help improve the quality of your dog’s life in meaningful ways. If you have been curious about dog CBD and how it can help benefit your dog, here is everything you need to know!

Senior Dogs Have Unique Challenges

Dogs are considered humanity’s best friend and for good reason. These faithful, furry companions love their human parents with an undying and loyal love their entire lives. Part of owning a dog is having the honor of taking care of it in its old age. Taking care of a dog in its later years is not the most pleasant thing in the world to think about, however, it’s a very real part of the pet-owning experience.

When you own an older dog there are special considerations that come into the picture. Everything from dietary changes due to acquired or developed sensitivities in their GI tract to the more common problem of joint pain becomes a reality. For large breeds, old age can come with a lot of challenges like hip dysplasia and general joint pain.

This can be difficult for pet owners to watch as the dogs they raised from puppies become limited in the amount of movement and adventures that they can experience. While this can be hard to watch, the good news is that there are ways that you can help your dog when it comes to facing these challenges. In fact, dog CBD is a powerful supplement that can help bring a certain level of quality back to your dog’s life.

How Can CBD Help Your Senior Dog?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant family. This compound is typically extracted from cannabis Sativa which is more commonly known as hemp. Because hemp has no appreciable amounts of THC, CBD products have no mind-altering or addictive properties. Instead, CBD is an all-natural compound that is thought to have powerful health benefits for both dogs and humans.

CBD itself interacts with the ECS of both humans and dogs, which is a large system of cell receptors and signals mostly found in the central nervous system. The ECS is very important and is thought to play a role in establishing homeostasis. This means that CBD is thought to help activate rest-relax pathways that can not only subside anxiety but also help deal with pain mitigation.

In fact, dog CBD is recommended by veterinarians as an all-natural, non-addicting, and non-altering method of helping dogs deal with anxiety and joint discomfort. This can be a great tool for helping young puppies learn how to cope with separation anxiety or long car rides in cramped spaces.

Another important use of CBD is that it may help reduce pain due to inflammation. This can help older dogs that may suffer from pain to the point of not being able to exercise properly. One way to help your dogs that struggle with mobility and pain issues is to give them CBD before taking them out for their daily exercise.

Types of Dog CBD

When it comes to giving your dog CBD, there are a couple of great options and each has its own benefits. If you have a picky dog that has trouble eating new things, then using a flavorless, orderless gell is an excellent option. You can hide these gels in their food, or stuff them into treats.

Another great option for picky eaters, or larger breeds, is CBD oils that can be syringed onto food, or directly into the dog’s mouth. If your dog isn’t picky, then the soft chews that are peanut butter-flavored can be a huge hit.


Finding ways to help your dog overcome issues in its later years isn’t something to be afraid of. With the right kinds of tools like dog CBD, you can help improve the quality of life for your senior dog in a meaningful way.