How Pets Can Aid In Your Addiction Recovery

Addiction can often feel like a lonely place, and the comfort of a loved one can often go a long way to aiding you.

However, people have their own lives and can’t always be there, and if you need rehabilitation for drugs, a support network is so valuable.

That support network doesn’t exclusively have to be from humans though and pets can be incredibly helpful in aiding the recovery process when it comes to addiction.

There are many reasons why pets can be great for addiction recovery, including…

Developing Relationships

During the years suffering from addiction, relationships may have become strained and you’ll have to begin to build up relationships and even learn to love again.

However, pets and in particular dogs and cats can be great in learning to love unconditionally once again. It’s an opportunity to build a relationship that hasn’t been upset by your addiction and one in which a pet will respond to the love and companionship you provide it.

They encourage you to get out

After leaving treatment and entering the recovery phase, it can often be a scary prospect entering the world again, and even the simple things like going to the shop can take a lot of courage.

Having a pet will give you a reason and a requirement to step outside and face reality, as ultimately they need walking and feeding.

The former is certainly good for getting you out of the house and enjoying long walks out in the open, with the fresh air and exercise a really important part of recovery. This will encourage clearer thinking and reduce the risks of relapse.

Build responsibilities back up

A major trait of addicts is to shirk responsibilities and essentially only prioritise themselves and their addiction. This is one of the main causes of damaged relationships between a person and those suffering from addiction.

However, a pet provides the opportunity to start acting and behaving responsibly again as they are reliant upon a human to keep them alive.

That means you’ll have to feed them at a certain time each day, you’ll have to walk them and let them out for the toilet, and you’ll be the person that has to look after their general well-being.

It can become part of your routine and will also show those around you that you are being responsible and putting your life back together.