Decorative Litter Box to Blend with your Interior Design

To be honest, cats rule the household, and many owners consider them monarchs. With this said, it’s just natural for them to receive daily massages and the full royal treatment, including getting the best thrones (or litter boxes) so they can take care of their business.

Nowadays, these cat-friendly furniture pieces are becoming popular, and many owners are finding various opportunities to choose their feline’s perching place and get a house décor at the same time. They are turning the common scratching posts into a statement piece at home, and other companies are pouncing on various opportunities to provide the best furniture for the cats.

A lot of people consider pets as family members. They can respect their needs when it comes to house decoration and architecture. These are becoming evident in the designs created by the Hidden Litter Box that will certainly fit your needs. Here are other options for you. Learn how you should take care of a sick kitten at home.

About the Best Cat Litter Options

1. Litter Planters

You might try to hide the litter in one of your plants and succulent collections. Some of these durable pots will not be so obvious to the visitors, and they won’t think twice about them. Their size is an excellent choice for houses with two or more kitties.

The larger ones will fit with these larger vases as well. Other features that you may be interested to know are filtered vents to minimize odor and control dust, made from durable polypropylene, and the looks are that of a genuine clay pot and a larger opening that gives your pet an easier time accessing the litter whenever you want.

2. Box Enclosures

These box enclosures are available in various sizes and colors. They can be in jumbo size ones, standard or small depending on the breed that you have. Some have bench-style enclosures where you can keep the box away from plain view. They are also kept and tucked away from the dogs looking for an afternoon meal. Learn more about litter boxes on this site here.

When this is the time for cleaning, you may want to lift the top that’s hinged so you can get access inside. The adjacent compartment lets you scoop the sand and clean the box. Some of the included features include pet-friendly paint applied on specialized engineered wood, easy assembly, and can accommodate a larger litter pan when you take out the panel.

3. Oblong-Shaped Litter

You may want to check the oblong designs that have four legs. They were cleverly made and had sleek enclosures. They come in their own various slide-out litter, and the entrance may include grates that will minimize dirt when your pet leaves out of the box.

Aside from the colors, the contemporary designs are well-suited for those who have apartments, and there are pinks, whites, and pale blue options to suit your décor. Ideally, these are more than enough for smaller and medium-sized cats. These enclosures may come with litter scoops that are usually located at the door’s bracket, and they have modern styles to suit your needs as well.

4. Cabinets

There are litter boxes that look like cabinets made up of sleek plywood. They have a perfect fit into your modern home, and your kitty can enter and exit through the side openings so that it won’t be too obvious. For easier cleaning, these cabinets commonly consist of French doors painted in tomato red. Other options may be available in white or gray-stained wood, and these are for pets who are willing to hop and get into boxes.

With the spacious interior of the cabinets, the larger breeds can easily fit in. There’s plenty of room, and they are made with sturdy construction, so you don’t have to worry about them.

5. Furniture-Looking Cabinet

This is an enclosure with a cabinet style. Some have house-shaped designs at the front, and overall, it looks like something that can hold your plant’s vase. They can be hidden from view and can easily fit into your bathroom, bedroom corner, hallway, and more.

The doors have easy access to clean the furniture, and they are available in contemporary colors of grays, whites, and neutrals. You can read more info about the modern color schemes in this url: Other features that you may want to look out for in these cabinets include magnetic locks and smaller sizes to fit into your apartments easily.

6. Refined Litter Box

Others don’t only feature a litter box but also cleaning supplies, hidden drawers, and toys. They are ideal storage spaces where you can put all your cat’s belongings into one single cabinet. You might find them convenient and obscure since the entrance and exit points are at the side. This will be an easier fit into any room layout that you may have.

Some of the excellent features may include choosing among mahogany, espresso, or smoke finishes which are ideal for homes with classical design. The neutrals are best-suited for the traditional houses, but the interiors are made up of high walls and litter liner. The top storage drawer is also convenient if you want to add potted plants to it.

7. Versatile Furniture


You can keep the litter boxes hidden from your living room, bathroom, or bedroom with versatile and attractive wooden furniture. There are litter boxes that act as nightstands and are available in colors like white, espresso, or walnut so they can blend in with your other furniture.

The doors are often magnetized so that you can open them quickly, and the shelf itself is convenient for your storage needs. They also act as an optional towel bar if you decide to put them into your bathroom.