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In the early days of gaming, escape rooms were a prevalent form of entertainment. In these escape rooms, players found themselves in a room they had to get out of by solving puzzles and riddles while racing against the clock. These games became very popular around the mid-to-late 2010s due to their effectiveness in social bonding and creative problem-solving skills; however, despite their popularity, global game companies decided to profit off of these games at the cost of player experience.

With the rise of VR and AR as a new type of gaming, many players saw escape rooms in Calgary as an old form of gaming that was now outdated. These players were now demanding something more than just another escape room. Among those players who loved escaping from these rooms, there were also those players that loved to watch their friends solve puzzles and cheer them on as they raced against the clock and used their wits to try and find a way out.

After years of watching videos on sites such as YouTube, Twitch & Mixer, gamers have become tired of watching footage from traditional video games; because no matter how good or bad the game is, anyone can make it seem interesting by playing well or badly (depending on what kind of person you are). However, you can make a simple escape room look amazing by playing it well and performing creative techniques to solve puzzles with escape rooms.

These gamers have decided that they want to bring back the excitement of watching their friends solve puzzles and be the heroes of their own stories instead of being the protagonist of a story. As such, many players have started hosting escape rooms for other people worldwide to come and try to beat them live via streaming sites such as Twitch or Mixer. In essence, these streamers are bringing new life into this forgotten game genre through live streaming video games.

Before starting an online game session with your friends or another player, one must begin by putting themselves in their shoes before they start playing video games. In this sense, you have to imagine yourself in a living room with four friends around a table, having fun and solving puzzles.

This is the essence of what it means to escape from reality through escape rooms: you get an hour or so with your friends where you’re all equal and trying to solve a puzzle together. That’s why many streamers have taken it upon themselves to create new types of puzzles that can only be done online for everyone who comes across their channel to play unique ways that would never exist if they were playing offline instead.