Glucosamine for Joint Health in Dogs

A lot of dogs suffer from various painful conditions such as arthritis. This is a condition that occurs in both dogs and humans alike. It occurs when the cartilage which is a firm but soft and flexible tissue between the bones starts to wear and tear away.

Eventually, the bones start to rub against each other and symptoms become evident when your dog begins to limp or experience difficulties doing what used to come easy. Although there is currently no cure for arthritis in canines, there are treatment options available for them to cope with the pain and aid movement.

One of the effective options you can adopt for your dogs to manage this condition is Glucosamine. This compound is immensely helpful for long-term treatment to reduce pain, inflammations, and to help in slowing the progression of the damaged joint and arthritis. If your dog is experiencing this condition and you are at loss with treatment options, you can visit Liquid Health Pets – glucosamine for some help.

This article will discuss relevant details about glucosamine. Please continue reading as we explain more.

What is Glucosamine?

This is a naturally occurring compound that is considered to be a popular over-the-counter remedy for arthritis. It is known as a chondroprotective agent and is very effective in the treatment of joint-related problems in humans and animals alike.

It is made up of sugar which is glucose, and amino acid which is glutamine. They are compounds responsible for maintaining healthy joint and cartilage functions in the body. They stimulate the cartilage cell growth and ensure that the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints is normalized.

Glucosamine is produced naturally in a dog’s body but as they continue to age, the rate of production begins to dwindle and it becomes a problem to prevent joint damage giving rise to the need for supplements.

Using it helps in alleviating the symptoms of joint damage by improving the repair process of the damaged cartilage. It can be used as soon as your pet starts experiencing the symptoms and all through its progression.

Benefits of Glucosamine for Joint Health in Dogs

Supplements containing glucosamine have tremendous benefits for your dog’s joints. Generally, research has shown that glucosamine helps in the following ways:

It Acts as a Lubricant

As your dog gets older, it tends to produce less synovial fluid for the purpose of lubricating the joint, therefore, making movements painful and eventually leading to the wear of the cartilage. The use of these supplements helps to lubricate the dog’s joint making movement easier and less painful.

It Reduces Inflammation

Chronic inflammations are considered a very big problem for healthy joints especially in pets whose main mode of communication is through body language and this requires a lot of movement. Glucosamine supplements help in the reduction of inflammation.

It Improves Joint Health and Mobility

This is another great benefit your dog can get from using this supplement. Irrespective of the stage of arthritis, early or full-blown, you can rest assured that there is a long-term solution for you and your canine friend.

How does it Work?

Both humans and dogs have the ends of their bones covered in a thin layer of cartilage. It acts as a sort of damper, absorbing shock and vibrations during movements. A liquid called the synovial fluid is produced around the area surrounding the bone and cartilage. The function of this fluid is to lubricate the joints in order to make movement easier and without pain.

As a result of trauma, disease, and even old age, the production of the synovial fluid reduces and puts more strain on the cartilage causing it to wear after a period of time. Eventually, due to the wearing of the cartilage, the bone ends begin to grind against each other leading to very painful conditions such as arthritis. The use of glucosamine supplements in this case is what makes all the difference.

This is because it helps in the stimulation of cartilage growth, as well as thickening the synovial fluid thereby, boosting how the mechanical joint functions. This helps your canine to be able to return to an almost peak condition, resuming their normal activities as they are no longer dealing with constant pain.

How to tell When your Dog Needs Glucosamine

Arthritis can be a serious problem for your canine, especially as dogs cannot speak a language we understand; you might not even notice it in the early stages. This stage is usually triggered by a trauma possibly from an injury or infection.

Underlying problems like deformities or stress on the joint as a result of being overweight can be a cause as well. Either way, it continues to grow and symptoms will begin to show especially as your dog ages.

Some symptoms you can look out for to tell if your dog is suffering from arthritis include, limping or stiffness of the bones, this may be especially intense In the mornings or when the weather is cold, reluctance or downright refusal to stand, refusing to take the stairs, difficulties getting in and out of a car, Lack of interest in taking walks and exercise as they grow older.

You can check here to learn more about a study carried out on glucosamine for canines suffering from arthritis.

As much as glucosamine is a great way of alleviating the painful experience attached to arthritis for your pet, it is can also serve as a preventive measure for this condition. It is highly effective in reducing the possibility of having a degenerative joint disease in younger canines with healthier joints.


As mentioned earlier, your dog has the ability to produce glucosamine on its own but as time goes on, this ability slows down progressively. The use of this supplement both as a preventive measure and treatment option is beneficial to giving your pet a fighting chance against the pain that comes with such conditions.

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