Chow chow, a charming and beautiful dog

The Chow Chow is known for many years and has been featured in songs, movies and more. It is characterized by very different from the other dog. It has a long, lush hair and a peculiar character.

Many may be confused with a lion or even a tender and loving bear. Although you will discover in this article that his character has nothing to do with their appearance. As they say, “appearances are deceiving.” We know more about this animal.

chow chow

All you need to know about the Chow Chow


As you know possibly, its origin comes from China. About 2,000 years ago, but until 1800, it was not known outside the country. At first, it was used as a guard, then as a pastor, as a pet and as a hunting dog. Unfortunately, it also became meat a delicacy, although this was banned in 1915.

Its name comes from the word in Chinese Chow Chow, English meaning different merchandise. When the first dogs were sent to England, this was what was in the boxes, but actually the Chinese had an inscription for his name meant dog-lion-bellied.

Physical feature

It is a very robust dog back though short, but very well proportioned. It has small ears and very wide muzzle. Its tail is curved and very high, always on your back. However, maybe you only know the Chow Chow with long hair, short hair there is also the effect as making a carpet.

The coat can be red, black, blue and cream. Those with two colors or spots in the hair are not considered 100% Chow Chow. A feature by which they are known is the color of your tongue, because this is bluish black, or sometimes purple.


Although today the Chow Chow is a companion dog and very suitable for pet, this has not always been so, since his character is somewhat aggressive and timid. However, with the passage of time were adapted to be used as pets and therefore no longer traits of aggressiveness. Yes, socialization is very important since it is a puppy.

If you want to have more than one home, Chow Chow is recommended to be of the same sex, as they often have problems of coexistence otherwise. But of course, there are always exceptions, so sometimes male Chow Chow look and cohabiting females alone.

They are loyal to their family members, whether human or canine. If you change your home and owner, often have trouble adjusting.

They are passive, so if you have a small apartment, the Chow Chow is right for you. His character is independent and it shows when you mark the distance with the rest of the house to sleep or isolating himself or herself while watching the others, walking or routine this is doing other chores.

Although by nature they are not active and may even seem like they do not like exercise, a set routine this is essential to maintain stable temperament and of course for your health in good condition.


Suffering from elbow dysplasia, hip, thyroid or knee dislocation. You can also have vision problems such as entropion and ectropion. Therefore, we recommend that before buying a Chow Chow ask for your health.

Remember that a good breeder will always give guarantees in writing that the dog is in an acceptable state to live in a home with other animals and dogs and ensures you will have a long, healthy and happy life.

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