How to Help Your Dog Stay Calm During Rain and Storm

Dogs are often fearful before certain sounds or events that are unusual. Storms and rain are among them. Although the storm is louder but it has noticed that many dogs are simply frightened by the rain. Why does this happen? What makes these furry creatures scared of water, whether stormy or not?

Rain effects on dogs

Your dog may feel thrill when it sees water, but it can become crazy when you go to get him into the shower. If you take a walk and it starts to pour, the discomfort he feels leads him to be released and want to find a place to hide.

Make your dog feel comfortable

Feel the water falling on your skin can cause nervousness or anxiety. It happens especially if your dog already has any of these things or is very sensitive. To improve this, if you live in a place where it rains a lot, take him out when the rain gets lighter. Also, it’s better to take an umbrella that can cover you both.

If it’s really the first time under the rain, try to holding him in your arms and then when he feels a little put him down and make sure the umbrella covers him.  Raincoats are also very effective in keeping your dog from getting wet. It is only for the beginning. Once the dog realizes that rain isn’t harmful and gets comfortable, then gradually you can remove it even when rain is stronger. If you are looking for a comfortable raincoat, this Prance Nanomaterial Puppy raincoat is the best one and is available on amazon for just $7.04.

Water games

To get your dog to enjoy rain, it is effective to play some water games with him. Most dogs enjoy swimming but if yours is just a small baby then you will have to make some effort in making him feel comfortable in water. For instance you can fill an inflatable swimming pool with his favorite toys. Summers are good to start such activities since the heat will compel the dog to jump in the water. Make sure either the weather is warmer or the water temperature is pleasant.

Do it for a few days and check his progress daily, in a few days he will himself start splashing in the pool. Find out the most interesting water games for him, you can also put all his favorite things in the pool and ask him to bring them back to you.

Making games under water and even toying with her, perhaps splashing, will help your pet get familiar with water and will gradually gain confidence before you take him out in rain.

Little is known for sure why the rain is so annoying for dogs. It seems that the sound of water may even damage the sensitivity of their ears, especially in puppies. Not to mention all that can make them feel quite uncomfortable.

Dogs can foresee storms

Scientists have discovered that the dogs are able to predict that a storm is approaching and may even start to tremble before it happens. Not only can they perceive the change in the sky, but also in the atmosphere and the smell. They can distinguish the sound of thunder at a great distance.

According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, around 15 to 30 percent of dogs are terrified of storms. They are overcome by anxiety and stress and desperately look for shelter.

Normally it is not surprising that dogs seek shelter on hearing thunder. It is a feature of his instinct that has not evolved. The scientist consider wolves as the ancestor of dogs and hence their instinct of getting scared by thunder has been transferred to them by their ancestor. Therefore they start seeking refuge in shelters and caves during the storm.

When there was thunder and lightning, his instinct pushed them to seek a refuge from those that might fall on them. Also to prevent a tree, for example, which have been struck by lightning, he could kill.

The fear of storm may just be so real that your dog might need a sedative during the storm. If you feel the need, consult your veterinarian.

In addition, the dog has much more developed sense of hearing us, so the sound of a storm in your case is much more thunderous for them than for a human.

How to calm a dog with anxiety

To prevent your dog get too anxious when it rains there are several things you can do. For example:

Play with it

Whenever it rains, look for your dog and distract him (even if this means crawl under the bed), and start playing with it, the animal will eventually relate storms and rains with something positive that he enjoys such as playing and spending time with you.

Put on some music

Music has a profound effect on the animals. In the case of an anxious dog, instrumental music is calming and will help draw out the sound of storm.

Treat their sensitivity

The highly sensitive dogs suffer most from these developments. Sensitivity can be treated therefore a canine psychologist can be really helpful in making your dog overcome his fears. There are so many products available that can help in calming a pet down. Such as swaddle shirts. It will give the dog a feeling of protection.

His anxiety can be a little overwhelming for you but it is really important that at such times he be treated in a kind way. Do not lose your temper and scream. If he’s scared and unable to follow your instructions, keep in mind that this not disobedience. Follow the steps and try to make him feel as much comfortable as possible. Before stepping out, keep his raincoat/umbrella and all his essentials in his bag so you don’t have to deal with an emergency situation.