Bohemian Shepherd Dog – The Versatile and Friendly Family Dog

Talk about versatility. This dog would surely capture the hearts of many dog lovers due to its athletic nature towards various activities. The Bohemian Shepherd Dog has a combination of intelligence, agility, and athleticism, which makes it the perfect all-around companion. They excel in several fields, including dog shows, search and rescues, pastoral works, service dogs, and many others.

The Bohemian Shepherd Dog is probably one of the most versatile among all breeds. So If you are looking for a dog that could cope up with most of your indoor or outdoor activities, then the Bohemian Shepherd Dog might be perfect for you.

Origins of the Bohemian Shepherd Dog

The incredible characteristics of the Bohemian Shepherd proved its greatness from hundreds of years ago. However, due to some circumstances in our history, this fascinating breed got lost and forgotten.

We can trace back the earliest records of its existence to the 14th century in the Kingdom of Bohemia. The King of Bohemia recruited the Chodove people to work as guards, and along with it is the acknowledgment of breeding special dogs to assist in patrolling and guarding the area. This breeding resulted in the Chodsky Pes, also known as the Bohemian Shepherd.

During this time, people utilized the Bohemian Shepherd in many fields of work, including patrolling, as well as pastoral work. However, its greatness came to an end during the post-war era, which left it lost and forgotten.

Interestingly, Dr. VilemKurz and Mr. Jan Findejs took an interest in renewing this fascinating breed in 1984. They started a project that aims to restore and find any remaining Bohemian Shepherds. Their work succeeded in re-establishing the lost Czech breed and got its breed standard approved.

Characteristics of the Bohemian Shepherd Dog

Height: 19.3 – 21.7 inches

Weight: 37 – 60 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The Bohemian is known for its athletic nature. It is a medium-sized dog that could stand up to twenty-one inches tall and weighing up to sixty pounds. It has a nice black coat with tan accents. It has small brown eyes with ‘pumpkin seed’ above it, along with triangular ears pointing upwards. Lastly, it has a long and dark snout, which it uses for trailing scents.

As mentioned earlier, the Bohemian Shepherd is a versatile dog. It is intelligent, energetic, agile, and athletic, which is essential for performing various activities. Because of its excellent mental and physical traits, it could effectively and efficiently work in different fields. Its incredible energy and athleticism make it the perfect companion for various human activities.

As expected from the positive nature of Bohemian Shepherds, they could be great family dogs. They have deep affection and devotion to family members and could go along well with children. So if you are looking for a dog that would act as a pet and guard, then this would be the right choice for you.

Caring for the Bohemian Shepherd Dog

The Bohemian Shepherd need high-quality food to work at its best. This diet could either be commercial dog food or homemade meals that are approved by your local vet. It is because the Bohemian Shepherd requires sufficient energy to cope up with its athletic nature, as well as to maintain a nice and shiny coat.

Moreover, Bohemian Shepherds are not difficult to manage, and new fur parents are welcome to take care of them. Its strong characteristics speak for itself, mainly because of its high resistance to cold weather. On the other hand, its coat makes it irritated during the summer, making them suffer from the heat. Overall, the Bohemian Shepherd is a tough and excellent breed both mentally and physically.

In terms of its hygiene, Bohemian Shepherds are quite easy to manage. Despite having a nice set of fur, they only require brushing at least once a week since they are seasonal shredders. Similar to other dog breeds, the Bohemian Shepherd needs a bath occasionally or as needed. Lastly, it would be best if you trim their nails regularly. This habit could prevent them from any further harm from walking or running with long nails, especially when they are scratching their body.