Black and Tan Coonhound – The Friendly and Athletic Hunter

If you are looking for a large, friendly, and bright dog, then this would be perfect for you. Introducing the Black and Tan Coonhound – this dog is an American original. Like other dogs, the Black and Tan Coonhound is friendly and energetic. Experts often regard them as hunters because of their incredible sense of smell, wherein a passing squirrel could easily attract them. Despite its athletic description, B&Ts are friendly, sweet, and easy-going dogs who would only want to have fun with its family.

Origins of the Black and Tan Coonhound

B&Ts has a significant part in the history of America. They played an essential role for hundreds of years because of their skills in hunting raccoons. During the Middle Ages,  raccoons are a great source of meat, fur, and fat, mainly for the early settlers in America. However, raccoons are energetic and agile animals, which gave hunters a tough time catching one.

This reason led to the use of dogs for catching or hunting raccoons. Settlers first tried to train foxhounds for hunting, but it was to no success since this dog breed lacks some essential characteristics to get the job done. That is why frontiersmen came up with the idea of crossing a new breed of hound that is capable of hunting raccoons.

The frontiersmen crossed two great dog breeds – the foxhound and bloodhound. This action led to incredible results, which produced the original American breed – the coonhound. The success of this cross-breeding helped early settlers to hunt raccoons to survive. Coonhounds were perfect raccoon hunters because of their outstanding instinct and a keen sense of smell – which could trail scents, mainly of raccoons, even in the dark.

Coonhounds would chase them until they climb up a tree. Once the raccoon is on top of a tree, the hound would produce a loud sound to call its master, which in turn would finish the hunt with the use of rifles or other firearms. This repetitive process of hunting is still in use until today, which hunters call a ‘nite’ hunt.

Characteristics of Black and Tan Coonhound

Height: 23 – 27 inches

Weight: 65 – 110 pounds

Life Expectancy: 10 – 12 years

Hypoallergenic: No

Black and Tan Coonhounds, also known as B&T, are large dog breeds with exciting characteristics. They have a friendly and easy-going attitude that enjoys the company of its family, as well as other dogs. Their sweet nature makes them excellent pets.

Moreover, B&Ts are amiable dogs. They have a mixture of laziness and energetic in their characteristic since they can sometimes lay down and rest for hours. On the other hand, they are also capable of keeping up with most outdoor activities.

As mentioned earlier, B&Ts have a sensitive nose, which they use to trail scents more effectively and quickly. They also have long and wide ears pointing downwards. In contrast to its large head and ears, they have small eyes with a tan accent above, also known as ‘pumpkin seeds’ since its appearance is similar to such seeds. Their body has a coal-black coat with tan accents in some parts of it, which explains why it is named Black and Tan Coonhound.

At first glance, it is apparent that the B&T has a strong and athletic body. Its massive body could stand up to twenty-seven inches for males and twenty-five inches for females. Their healthy bodies also make them fast runners, which is essential for hunting small animals, such as raccoons.

Caring for Black and Tan Coonhound

B&Ts are not dogs that are difficult to feed. It is good to provide them high-quality dog food, but homemade meals also work fine – as long as your local veterinarian approves it. One thing to make sure when feeding a B&T is the amount of food they would eat. The same thing goes with giving them treat since both of these factors could lead to obesity.

Interestingly, B&Ts are one of the dog breeds that have a short and dense body coat. Make it a habit to brush its coat weekly with a medium-bristle brush or a hound glove to remove dead hair. The regular brushing of its coat will enhance hair growth, as well as triggers its body to produce natural oils, making its skin healthy. Similar to other dogs, B&Ts should have a regular bath, usually depending on the climate or as needed. In terms of their nails, always make sure to trim them since they often cause pain to dogs when they walk, run, or scratch their body.