Boerboel – The Confident Guardian

If you are looking for the perfect house pet and guardian, then this dog breed would surely fit the role. It is no other than the Boerboel. They are a large breed of dogs with a muscular physique. However, don’t be deceived by its intimidating looks since it is devoted to protecting its home and family. They may not be the most energetic and playful type of dog, but they are sure to be intelligent and calm. This feature allows it to learn many actions, which make it an excellent guard dog.

Origins of the Boerboel

The Boerboel is undoubtedly a guard dog. We can trace back its origin to the 17th century during the European settlement in South Africa. During this period, Dutch, German, and Huguenot settlers brought large dogs, such as bull types and mastiff types, to guard their place against predators. This action led to the interbreeding of the different dog breeds, which resulted in a new breed called the Boer Dog.

The name Boer came from the Dutch word, which means ‘farmer.’ That is why the Boer Dog is a specialized dog breed that focuses on protecting farms and homesteads against predators. Settlers also use Boer Dogs to hunt large animals.

Over the years, the breeders perfected the Boer Dog, which led to the rise of the Boerboel – also known as the farmer’s dog. This breed became known as the brave, confident, and intelligent dog that is perfect for protecting homes. Boerboels have a mixture of strength and agility, which help them hunt animals in the wild, as well as guard homesteads.

Interestingly, Boerboels are not aggressive creatures. It may be a misconception that these strong and brave dogs are fond of picking up a fight. Despite their highly protective nature, they are also incredibly calm and intelligent. Boerboels can quickly identify the difference between a friend or foe. It is devoted to guarding its friend or family, but won’t give up a fight against its enemies. Furthermore, Boerboels are gentle dog breeds even when exposed to children.

Characteristics of the Boerboel

Height: 22 – 27 inches

Weight: 150 – 200 pounds

Life Expectancy: 9 – 11 years

Hypoallergenic: No

Boerboels are large dog breeds that could stand up to twenty-seven inches tall and could weigh as much as a human. It has a muscular body structure with powerful jaws, which is present in most mastiff and bull breeds. It has a short coat, small deep eyes, and a dark snout. Its physical appearance is quite intimidating, especially for those who prefer smaller dog breeds.

Naturally, Boerboels are guardians who devote to protecting their loved ones. Besides their protective nature, they are also bright, calm, and confident dogs – making them easy to train. In terms of physical strength, the Boerboel never fail to amaze us, mainly with its incredible speed. Furthermore, the Boerboel is probably the most agile of all mastiff breeds.

Moreover, the Boerboel is not recommendable for new fur parents. It may be calm and intelligent, but without proper training and care, it could develop negative behaviors. That is why if you are aspiring to own a Boerboel, make sure to spend time in training and socializing with it. When handled properly, this breed could become an excellent guard dog for your home and family.

Caring for the Boerboel

Similar to many dogs, it is best to feed the Boerboel high-quality dog food. At the same time, homemade meals that have the vet’s approval could work as a good alternative. Both types of food work fine for puppies up to adult Boerboels.Just make sure to be cautious with the amount of food you are going to serve to avoid obesity.

Boerboels has a short coat. That is why it’s not very difficult to clean its fur. The best way to maintain its healthy coat is to brush it with a soft bristle brush weekly, which will remove any dead hair. Make sure to give them a bath occasionally or as needed, especially when they got into something messy. Lastly, check their nails regularly. If their nails are long enough, make it a habit to trim them to avoid harm whenever they are walking or running.