Which Slot Game Suits your personality?

The success of slots is down to their unpredictability and the entertainment factor that they offer players. Most people are also drawn to slots because there is something out there for everyone, no matter what the interest of the individual is gaming-wise. In fact, slots are a success story because they continue to have mass appeal, unlike some other forms of gambling. 

Slots games also appeal to those who gamble regularly and to those who only gamble occasionally. The universal understanding is that it is the excitement that is created by each spin and the unpredictability of each result, that really captures the imagination of the public. Players actually get an adrenaline rush out of slots. But it is the finer details of each game that attracts different personalities to slots as well – visit wizardslots.com

When you consider that there is no one type of person that is likely to be a gambler, then it is vital to make games to suit all the various personalities that are attracted to these games. This is why there is the incredible game choice we have today. If your audience is vast, then the game choice should be as well. 

The Main Personality Types 

If you are going to strip things down to the very basics, then there are two personality types in gambling. Those that take high risks and those that bet cautiously, and both gambling personalities are well catered for by the slot world. Your high-risk gambler is likely to be a high roller with an endless bankroll, who is not frightened to take on slots that have low Return to Player percentage scores. They would be attracted to the high-risk high reward nature of many of the low RTP slots out there. The more cautious gambler is more likely to research slots and play those that are likely to pay out regularly. This is made easy by the Return to Player percentage score that is displayed on all slot games. The more cautious gamblers amongst you would probably feel safe playing games with an RTP of over 96%. 

Casual Gamers 

If you are a casual gamer, then you are probably not too bothered about the RTP score of slots and are more likely to try any slot game that hooks you in. This could be from reviews, game themes, or word of mouth recommendations. A lot of casual gamers play slots that are linked to TV shows and films because they have a familiar theme and players know what to expect, so spend more time playing and less time choosing, because of this. 

  • The two main slots personalities are those that take risks and those that are cautious 
  • Slot games cater to both personalities extensively         
  • RTP scores of games help both personality types choose the games they want to play

Players That Like Nostalgia 

If you prefer to look back rather than forwards, then slots games can be incredibly nostalgic. This is because many games tend to be based on hit cartoons, TV shows, and films from the past, look out for old-style fruit machine themed slots as well.