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Tips for giving a cat a pill

We all know the genuine character of cats. The fact is that these domestic cats need all our care, since they are susceptible to suffer numerous diseases. For this reason on occasion your cat may need to take oral medications and some of them may not be in liquid form but in the form of capsules or tablets. We know that your pet will not be grateful to have to take these drugs so in this article Animal Expert we give some tips to give a pill to a cat.

cat a pill

Cats are animals very susceptible to stress and although they can be very affectionate. It is possible that they do not tolerate the contact well especially when they have not been those that have come to look for the mimes of its human family. Prevention is better than cure because it is important that from the puppy you accustom your cat to contact specifically to the one that occurs close to the face or snout. Otherwise, it will be virtually impossible for you to give the medication to your cat.

Hide the pill in your favorite snack

Cats have a very refined taste for the food that we can offer them either homemade or a specific feed which can be dry or moist. Although those with moist texture are more nutritious and appetizing. One of the simplest ways is to give them the pill inserted in a food bite and offer it directly from our hand, as this will ensure that you have effectively swallowed the drug.

Dilute the tablet in water

Diluting the pill or tablet in water is a very practical way of giving the pill to the cat. Obviously to make sure you get the medication you need we will have to administer the liquid through a needle less plastic syringe. If the medication is in the form of capsules it will also be possible to dilute the powder in water always consulting with the professional beforehand the only case in which this method would not be possible is that which affects the extended release capsules.

Reassure your cat before giving him medication

Both your cat and you will have a very negative experience if you try to give the medication when you notice that it is nervous since this cat is very intuitive and can realize that your behavior is something strange. Before giving the tablet to your cat stays with him long, enough until you feel completely calm. Remember that you are responsible for your cat to follow your drug treatment so treat this issue with the highest priority.