Dog Care

A lot of care with the Dogs

The ears of a dog allergic reaction caused by contact with the toxic skin of a toad. Who would have thought that a small frog those who are jumping among the garden plants one of those toads that eat the harmful snails that spoils the plants, could become dangerous? The truth is that in the world there are many species of whose toxicity, either of their skin or the poison they eject can become deadly for a person and even more so for animals.


This is what happened to a Greek street of 9 years and 30 kilos a mixture of a thousand. We must say because no one saw him although began to wallow on the tiles of the terrace as if he wanted to clean something that had touched his ear. A reaction he had never done before. We did not care until several hours later right ear was down and the thickness of a person’s finger size.

The irritation was very strong and it was hot. The cartilage, which is usually 4-5 millimeters thick, had gained weight as if covered with a fluid bag, which was 20 to 25 millimeters thick in both ears. The bitch did not seem to feel pain, but there was some discomfort.

The veterinarian on duty told us on the phone that we had to wait that we would wash his ears with warm water. We would go to the clinic if it were still bad. Inflammation took a whole day. The hair on the tip of both ears was sticky as if there had been opened pores or escape valves for the liquid that appeared to form between the cartilage and the skin.

The diagnosis in the clinic and after reviewing everything he had done was that it was an allergic reaction to something very irritating. Hence the frog’s poison was spoken. Due to the temperature and time of year, the bug bite was ruled out because there was also no evidence.

An injection of steroids had its effect. Two hours later, the swelling was almost gone. In the next three days, you will need to take a daily pill of the same and an ointment for the affected area that will help the sensitive skin inside the ear to regain its texture. The vet warned. Be careful because some dogs bite toads or frogs and then the inflammation occurs in the mouth and drowns them, or the venom passes into the blood and kills them, depending on the size of the animal.