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A study shows that looking at dog activates

A group of Japanese researchers has conducted research and found that while dogs look at their owners, a hormonal process similar to that activated between mothers and their children is activated. In both, intervene the so-called love hormone or hormone oxytocin. The journal Science has published the study that explains how the look between the dog and its owner triggers the levels of oxytocin in the brain of both.

dog activates

The hormone oxytocin is related to sexual patterns and paternal and maternal behavior. It also has a very important role in the recognition and establishment of social bonds and trust relationships between people.

In the investigation participated several dogs with their owners who were 30 minutes in a room. During all that time the whole interaction was documented. Oxytocin levels were then measured in the urine of dogs and those of their owners. It was discovered that visual contact between the two had caused elevated levels of hormone oxytocin.

In a second part of the investigation, the Japanese researchers applied oxytocin spray to several dogs and put them in a room with their owners and several unknown people. The animals increased the time they looked at their owners and, after half an hour, oxytocin levels grew in the owners of the treated dogs.

This research published last Thursday in the journal Science has been made by researchers from the University of Medical University and the University of Health Sciences in Tokyo. Two stray dogs, three miniature schnauzers, three poodles, two sausage dogs, two shiba inu, a border collie, a boxer, a German shepherd, a jack russell terrier and a miniature bull terrier others.