How to Get an Overview of the Type of Dog Training Programs

Not long after you bring a puppy home or add an adult dog to your life, you may begin to notice that some training methods need to be put in place. It is up to you to train your dog or to find a resource that offers a dog training program that is beneficial to you and your dog. If you are a first time dog owner, you can benefit greatly from the advice and methods of training that professional can provide.

How to Get an Overview of the Type of Dog Training Programs

You can get an overview of the type of dog training programs that are available. Professionals such as those at k-9 Companions can teach your dog manners and obedience. You have options as to what type of training program will best address your specific situation and your schedule. You may want to take your dog to a training location on a weekly basis so that the two of you can work together under the guidance of a professional dog trainer. It may be that what you need most is for a trainer to come into your home once a week and implement a training routine there.

A program known as canine bootcamp is unique in that it requires that you leave your dog at the training facility for a few weeks so that it can receive guidance and training there. Follow-up lessons can be done at home. This type of training is quite popular.

There are various reasons for seeking the assistance of professionals in training your dog. A well trained dog is simply more pleasant to live with. When you have guests, you do not have to banish your dog to a separate location if it knows how to behave in the presence of visitors. Training also provides an element of safety for your dog. Learning to stop and wait at doors and gates is just one example of how training can prevent accidents or injuries. A well-trained dog can accompany you on walks in the park or trips to the pet store, if it has been taught how to behave in social settings.

You and your dog will be much happier if you are able to communicate well. Consistency in expectations and rewards is an essential part of a training program. Each dog responds to training in a different way. Professional dog trainers can customize a plan for your dog.

There are several types of trainings that the dog needs in order to help create a comfortable co-existence with its owner. We are mentioning some below:

Behavioral training

This comes in the basic set of training. It is something that you need to start working on as soon as you bring your dog home. In this training set, the dog will learn to behave in a better way around your guests, your family and you. The behavior training consists of dog eating from his own bowl, litter training, listening to you, behaving well in front of guests, staying away from the spaces he is not allowed to go etc.  The training is especially necessary if the dog has a habit of biting or excessive barking or chasing any unknown random object. Because if the bad behavior continues, it will become a risk for his own safety. Therefore, this holds an utmost importance in the set of trainings.

Command training

This comes after the behavioural training because now the dog has learned that you are the owner so it is time to teach him all the basic and advanced commands. The commands are important to keep the dog safe and to develop a connection between yourself and him. The training includes teaching your dog to stay, down, come and sit etc. These are very important if you have to teach your dog to walk the streets or you are taking him to an unknown place, or you are teaching him to wait at the doors. The behavioral training is good for teaching your dog some discipline. These trainings will form the basis of more advanced trainings that will be helpful for dog’s safety.  You can register your dog at a training centre for this training since the centre will not only teach him commands but also help him socialize with other dogs and hence increase his positive socialization skills. It is important to start training the dog while he’s still a small puppy but if your dog is an adult, you can still do it. There’s really no specific age to train the dog but start training him as soon as you bring him in your life.

Agility training

Agility training comes in the advance set of training. The agility training comprises of teaching your dog to play and enjoy different sports, be more active and also build a fun connection with you. Agility training is very important because it’s the natural instinct of dogs to indulge in sports that require them to run and jump. Agility raining plays a vital role in keeping the dog healthy fit and happy and it helps you bond with your dog in a better way. For service dogs, these trainings are especially important.

Therapy training

This is the last training that your dog may attend. This isn’t important unless you want the dog to be a therapy dog. Therapy dogs are the dogs that we find at old homes, hospitals and care centres. These dogs know how to take care of elderly, how to make someone happy and how to provide comfort to patients and kids. There are specific training centres that provide therapy training for dogs. You can ask your veterinarian for some suggestions of good trainers that can assist you.

If you wish to train the dog yourself, you can read our articles on the type of training you are wishing for your dog.