Italian Greyhound –The Elegant Toy Dog

Greyhounds are known for their grace and striking appearance, especially on the field. Their large and substantial bodies are fit for most types of canine tasks, such as hunting, sports, guarding, and so on. Interestingly there is a different version of the Greyhound that pretty much resembles its incredible features; this breed is called the Italian Greyhound, which is a native dog in Italy from the name itself.

The Italian Greyhound, in contrast to the Greyhound, is a relatively small dog. Its size allowed it to enter the toy category, wherein it is clear a definition of an adorable dog. However, don’t let its size deceive you; similar to the Greyhound, the Italian Greyhound is a significantly powerful breed that is also suitable for work. It has a sleek body, along with an energetic nature; this dog work wonders on the field. The Italian Greyhound may possess the same finesse as the original Greyhound, but this dog is still best kept as a lovely house pet, sitting on the couch all day long, waiting to catch your attention.

Origins of the Italian Greyhound

Archaeological studies show that the Italian Greyhound originated from thousands of years ago during ancient times. Their research suggests that the IG was once known as a noble companion in the region that is known today as Greece and Turkey.

Ever since its early existence 2,000 years ago, the Italian Greyhound has already earned its reputation as a trusted companion, as well as a hunter. Furthermore, the greatness of the Italian Greyhound quickly gained recognition to wealthy people and noblemen, wherein it became a status symbol; owning one would add to a person’s status in society. The popularity of the Italian Greyhound is not limited to merely being a status symbol; it also became a point of interest for many artists, which led to its appearance on various paintings and artworks.

Fast forward hundreds of years, the Italian Greyhound remained to be a significant breed to royal families; that is why this breed is still known for its regal lifestyle. Various noblemen owned the breed and kept it in their castles.

The Italian Greyhound continued to gain popularity and boost in numbers over the years; however, during the 20th century, the IG had a catastrophic decline in its population. Similar to other breeds, the IG was heavily affected by the two World Wars, leaving it at the brink of extinction. Thankfully, American breeders took efforts in restoring the breed to its former glory; as expected, they succeeded in reviving the IG.

Years later, the Italian Greyhound started to repopulate and gain recognition in different places. Today, his small and elegant dog is widely known for its beautiful appearance and excellent work on the ring.

Characteristics of the Italian Greyhound

Height: 13 – 15 inches

Weight: 7 – 14 pounds

Life Expectancy: 14 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As mentioned earlier, the Italian Greyhound is a relatively small breed that could stand up to fifteen inches tall and weighs up to fourteen pounds. Its size makes it fit in the toy group, which is perfect for its affectionate nature. The IG holds many other qualities that make it unique and attractive, which is why many dog lovers admire the breed.

In terms of its appearance, it showcases a sleek figure with its fine and smooth coat, as well as long legs. Its slender appearance makes it unique compared to other toy dogs since it contributes to its elegance, making it an ideal noble dog. Its face shows a similar look to the original Greyhound; its eyes express an innocent and affectionate nature; its ears are pointed, conveying a sensitive behavior.

Moreover, the Italian Greyhound is not just an adorable toy dog; it is also known for its finesse, which it adopted from the Greyhound. It was once a known small-game hunter, and now, it dominates the show ring with its beautiful appearance and high intelligence. Despite its new job as a show dog, the IG is still capable of working on other tasks, but from its appearance and playful nature, it is best to keep it in the comfort of your home. This dog is best at making its owners happy, earning a reputation as a lovable couch dog and family companion.