How to make sure that Your Crested Gecko is Happy

Reptiles are also the best pets, and people love to have reptiles like snakes, tortoises, lizards, and Crested Gecko. But Crested Gecko is a safe reptile and can be one of your best pets.

Everyone needs the happiness of their pets; you all so need to ensure that your Crested Gecko is happy. You can ensure by offering proper Crested Gecko Food and environment to keep them happy.

What are common signs of Crested Gecko happiness?

You cannot perfectly measure happiness, and even Crested Gecko cannot tell you. But here, I will present some signs that will help you understand that your pet is happy.

Alert and Active

The first sign of your Crested Gecko happiness is that it will look you active and alert. When you go to them, they will look around and up to you. They will move around you, jump on you, and will move forth and back to show their love for you.

Healthy Appetite

Among the common signs of happiness for crested Gecko healthy appetite is also one of the significant signs to tell if your crested gecko is happy or not. If your crested gecko is happy, it will eat frequently and happily.

It may be hard to know how much they are eating, but if you see after one or two days when you feed your crestie, it does not take an interest and then monitors it properly. But if there is no such problem, then it means your crestie is okay and is happy in that environment.

Eyes are healthy

If crested Gecko is okay, analyze its eyes. It will be bright and clear; if you do not find any swelling or any noticeable sunken look in their eyes, then it means your pet is comfortable and happy.

Their eye health can damage due to several factors and infections. But if there is no problem, then it means you are doing your job well, and your cresties are enjoying a happy and relaxed life.

Skin’s Health

Check the skin condition of Crested Gecko; if you find that the skin’s health is better, then it means they are okay. You can touch their skin and can feel the softness of their skin.

If the Crested Gecko faces dehydration issues, its skin will be challenging, and wrinkles will appear on its skin. Check their toes and shed skin, and make a deep analysis from every side to make sure it is enjoying proper health.


Check how your crested gecko interacts with you. If you see some changes in social behavior, it can be a sign of bad health. But if you do not see any behavior change and see your crested gecko is comfortable with you, it means it is happy.

Final Thoughts

You may love to have a crested gecko, but it does not only bound to give them proper Crested Gecko food. It is also essential for you to ensure that they are happy and enjoying good health. We have also guided you with some common signs to know their happiness.