How Cowboy Hats Became a Perfect Concoction of Style And Tradition?

Cowboy hats have a long history of evolution as a fashion statement in the West, and it now transcends as a unisex clothing accessory. Everyone appreciates cowboy hats, from celebrities on-ramp to fashion-conscious youth. A cowboy hat has made a permanent place in the fashion industry. Designers have been using cowboy hats for a long time in the perfect ways to match their unique dress ideas. These western hat styles are also known as ten-gallon hats.

Origin and structure

The cowboy hat had its origin in the 13th century, and the initial purpose was to defeat extreme weather conditions. It has a round, comprehensive, curved brim and a crown shape. It is very lightweight. In 1865, the modern-day form came to light for the first time during the American civil war. A famous hat maker John B. Stetson designed this and named it the “Boss of the Plains.”

It got prevalent, and it comprised fine fur from small animals like rabbit beaver, etc. Over time it went through many changes and modifications. Mexicans changed it according to their weather conditions. Nowadays, cowboy hats constitute straw, fur-based felt, or leather. The most popular colors are brown, beige, or black. Sometimes on the outside of the crown shape, there is a designer band present. There are heart, diamond, and square shapers available also.


There are many types of cowboy hats available. The hats are different in the size and shape of their crown, brim style, and other features. Some of the varieties are as follows:

  • The pinch front crease- Teardrop or diamond crown with medium curved brim
  • The cattleman crease- Tall and narrow crown with medium curved brim
  • Telescope gambler crease- Low crown height with flat brim
  • Open crown crease- Round shaped without a brim.
  • The Tom Mix/ Montana crease- Brim with an upturn
  • The derby- Up curled brim and rounded crown
  • The Calgary white hat- White felt cowboy hat.
  • The Gus- High crown sloping towards the front with three dimples
  • The Dakota- Square-shaped crown and crown pinched in corners.
  • The Biggs crease is a small and high crown that pinched to a line on the right and left of the crown, with a squared brim with the sides pulled up slightly.
  • The ranch- Like cattleman with one center dent and two side dents, front sloped down at a slight angle
  • The clint- Rounded and open crown with two small side dents in the top coming together in a pinched-front style.
  • The puncher- Flat and wide brim with two long side dents
  • The Brick- Square crown with a rectangular center dent, brim curved at left and right.

Cultural symbol

The Texas Rangers and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have cowboy hats as part of their uniform. The US state of Texas is mainly associated with the cowboy hat because of its cowboy culture. Country singers have also made it famous. The hat symbolizes the folk culture of America. Each hat is unique, as it mirrors the personality of the person wearing it. So cherish your style with a hat now.

What to wear?

If you want to go for the traditional cowboy look, you can pair it with t-shirts and button-up shirts. A pair of jeans and cowboys boots will complete your look. Sweaters and flannels or blazers always go with cowboy hats. You can wear a cowboy hat with a pleated blouse and jeans or a fitting shirt and denim shorts, making it an excellent attire for women.

How to choose the best?

A slanted brim and a high crown suits a round-shaped face. For thin and long faces, a square brim and a medium-height crown is the best option. For square-shaped faces, rounded hats and curved brims will be a perfect choice. A teardrop crease with a shorter brim will be perfect for a heart-shaped face. For women with long hair, the pinch front, the open crown and, the fedora are the best options.

Celebrity fashion

From time to time, many celebrities have worn these hats as part of their style statement. From Naomi Campbell to Kim Kardashian, from Johny Depp to Brad Pitt, the best names of Hollywood have chosen to reflect their style by adding a cowboy hat to their attire. Gucci’s Spring- 2022 collection includes styled cowboy hats, and it certainly has its share of worldwide fame. Jeff Bezos has recently sparked a conversation of cowboy hats in space by wearing one himself.

What started as to provide protection from sun or rain turned to be a defining fashion and cultural symbol eventually. Very few traditional fashion items could make their place in such a crazy manner in the global style market. Add a cowboy hat to your closet today and pair it with regular or occasional styles to turn heads. Celebrate the cowboy culture and be unique in your class.