Dogs are Man’s Bestfriend

The term “dogs are man’s best friend” may sound cliché but is proven a fact. The relationship between man and dog could be traced 15,000 years ago after the discovery of a Bon-Oberkassel dog was found buried with two humans.

Dogs are proven for their loyalty and devotion to their human for centuries. The influence of the canines on man is deep-rooted that even in classic art in a 1910 painting of Dogs Playing Poker by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. Although it was painted as a form of anthropomorphism or attribution of human traits, it was a representation that these animals played a vital role in human history.

Domesticated canines have proven to be the best companion to most family homes. Elderly people who have dogs for a pet seemed to have an active life and they prefer morning walks with them. During the onset of the pandemic especially during the lockdown, canine friends entertained many people with their antics. Some people entertained themselves by wagering online and Casinocrawlers one of the leading online casino NZ recently introduced new virtual casinos in the market. They’re guaranteed to have a wide variety of game selections, attractive bonuses, and helpful customer service. Did I pique your interest? Feel free to check the site indicated.

Different Roles of dogs to human

Dogs’ benefit to humans does not limit to being a companion. They portray different roles to mankind.

1. Sled Dogs

Have you heard the story of Balto? If you happen to visit New York City in the US, you might want to drop by at Central Park. There you will see the statue of Balto the sled dog. Balto is a Siberian husky from Alaska and he was the leader of the pack of sled dogs. His team saved the young children from Diphtheria sickness in the winter of 1925. His pack was led by a Norwegian musher Gunnar Kaasen and they traveled from Nome to Anchorage which is 55 miles facing a blizzard -31degrees Celsius to deliver the medicine to Nome.

Sled dogs are important to many countries, especially in the winter. They are used for transportation, delivery, and working purposes in the Arctic and subarctic areas. They are now replaced by snowmobiles but some rural places still practice the tradition.

2. Sheepdogs

Shepherd dogs are very important to people who raise sheep. They’re very reliable in moving, managing, and controlling the sheep. They are also good protectors from predators especially wolves.

3. Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs are trained and honed to hunt with or for humans. Now, not all canines are into hunting. Hounds, Terriers, Gun dogs, Cur type, and Dachshunds are the major categories of canines capable of hunting depending on their tasks and purpose.

4. Guide Dogs

Probably the most popular jobs our canine friends have. Also called seeing-eye dogs they help visually impaired people do their daily errands. Guide dogs help them cross the street, look after them wherever their human wanted to go and make sure that they are safe. Canines are by nature red-green colorblind and incapable of reading street signs but they can easily be directed based on their training.

5. Police Dogs

Police dogs are very essential to help solve crimes by tracking down illegal narcotics, weapons,s, and explosives. They are proven effective in finding missing people and finding crime scene evidence. Dogs have very sensitive scents so this ability is very effective to help police officers in solving crimes. Police dogs are trained to remember hand gestures and verbal clues.

6. Search and Rescue Dogs (SAR)

SAR dogs are important and their service is always being requested to track people lost in the mountains, people who are lost due to Alzheimer’s, or people who are trapped in debris after an earthquake. They also help locate people who went missing after a big natural disaster hit a place like a typhoon or a storm. Dogs by nature have sniffing power because of their 100 million sensory receptors located in their nasal cavity and canine brains are capable of analyzing odors 40 times larger than a human brain.

Final Insight

Our canine friends can do more than just a playmate and a companion they are proven to be beneficial to men and tested for loyalty.