Hovawart – The Versatile Rescue Dog

Several dogs of diverse breeds have participated in rescue missions in the past hundreds of years. Many dogs are known for their versatile feature, being able to work in various types of canine tasks. However, some dogs built a reputation in specific fields, such as guarding, herding, sports, hunting, as well as search-and-rescue missions. 

Among these outstanding dogs, there is one breed that is known for its exceptional skill as a rescuer. This breed is no other than the Hovawart, which is not just an incredible rescuer but also excels in other fields. With all of its impressive qualities, it is no doubt that the Hovawart is a breed that is also capable of working in other activities. It is a clear definition of a versatile working dog. 

As mentioned earlier, the Hovawart showcases great qualities, which make it a one-of-a-kind dog. Besides its keen intelligence on the field, the Hovawart is a breed that many dog lovers would surely admire. 

Origins of the Hovawart

We can trace back the origins of the Hovawart to old Germany, wherein its name was derived from the Old German words: Hof and Wachter, which mean farm and watchman, respectively. From the name itself, it is evident that this breed has already built its reputation as a useful working dog ever since its early years of existence. 

The maturity of the Hovawart over the years led to an uncertain record in history, wherein breeders lost track of the breed’s population. Interestingly, systematic breeding of the Hovawart went back to the 20th century; breeders took measures in producing the breed and bringing it back to its former glory.  Because of the breeders’ strict breeding program, they succeeded in restoring the Hovawart and achieving the original version of the breed. 

However, various events made an impact in the Hovawart, and for the second time around, the breed reached the brink of extinction. World War II brought a catastrophic decline to the Hovawart’s population, which is also evident to other breeds. This horrific event left a minimal number in the breed’s population; breeders considered it nearly impossible to revive the breed, mainly because of the significantly low number of surviving dogs. Thankfully, breeders succeeded in maintaining a healthy number, and the Hovawart remained to have a stable population until our world today. 

Characteristics of the Hovawart

Height: 23 – 28 inches

Weight: 65 – 90 pounds

Life Expectancy: 10 – 14 years

Hypoallergenic: No 

Apparent from its looks, the Hovawart is a medium-large breed that could stand up to twenty-eight inches tall and weighs up to ninety pounds. It has a thick coat that comes in diverse colors: blonde, black, and black-and-tan. Underneath its thick fur is a muscular physique supported by heavy bones, which are all qualities that make the breed substantial. It is a powerful dog that works best as a guard dog, herder, hunter, as well as a rescue dog. 

Moreover, its appearance is only the tip of the iceberg. The Hovawart possesses many other qualities that make it a genuinely great breed. Besides its physical greatness, it is known for its mental and behavioral excellence. The Hovawart is often known for its superior intelligence; many dog lovers admire this breed for its brilliance in the field, making it an independent and trainable dog. Its intelligence allows it to work and excel in different types of canine tasks without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, it is an enthusiastic dog that enjoys working; it would make sure to get the job done and is very eager to please its master. 

Interestingly, the Hovawart also gained recognition for its keen sense of smell. This feature also opened several jobs for the Hovawart, which includes search-and-rescue missions. It explains why this breed was labeled a useful rescue dog, mainly because of its incredible nose, as well as its powerful body. With proper training, the Hovawart could make an exceptional working dog capable of working in diverse fields. 

Despite the Hovawart’s fascinating qualities, this breed is not the ideal pet for new fur parents. It is mainly because of the dog’s sophisticated lifestyle; owning one would require a lot of time training. However, with extensive efforts, the Hovawart is undoubtedly a breed that any dog lovers would admire.