How Your Dog Is Better Than a Human

Dogs did not earn the title ‘man’s best friend for no reason’. The bond between humans and dogs is actually quite remarkable, dating back further than 33,000 years when wolves hunted alongside man in southeast Asia, soon becoming domesticated at the human hand.

The Love of Dogs

Dogs are probably some of the most loyal companions you could imagine. They dote on you. You are their life, your home is their home, your adventure is their adventure. Studies show that dogs actually view you as greater than a pack member, whereas the relation is closer to a parental figure.

Most dog owners would find that their pet dogs would go to extraordinary lengths for them. They would even be willing to give their life in order to save yours, and they wouldn’t even think about it. Seeing things in this light, the expense of dog food and keep doesn’t seem as rough.

Unlike humans, dogs do not plot. They are not manipulative and they do not seek out self-absorbed needs. They merely react. It can be a painful thing to see your dog lash out at another dog, sprawl and bite. Your dog is not acting with ill intention to the other dog, they are simply seeing a threat in the situation, and handling it as their instincts allow. In most cases, the dogs will move on shortly after and become friends once again. It is always advised to take control of the situation and break up the fight. If your dog sees that you have things in order, they will not need to do it for you.

On the side from this, nor do they hold grudges. If you lose your temper with them, yell or even accidently bump into them, they are only responsive to that in the exact moment it is happening. By the time you have gotten around to saying sorry, they have already long forgiven you. Dogs project emotions from how they are being treated in the current moment. No past events are important. It is the ultimate form of forgiveness.

Have you ever been upset, stressed or angry and your dog comes to sit beside you? Dogs are very in touch with human emotions, and provide a great deal of support and comfort. Really it is no wonder why dogs are used as a great source of therapy for people with learning difficulties or mental health conditions.

Dogs will give you unconditional love, and want nothing more than to make you as happy as you make them. Naturally, for dogs, when they see you in despair, they want to make things better. They may not always know how, but chances are that they will try.

Far too often people mistake dogs for being dumb animals. In fact it is quite the opposite. They may seem dumb because they can’t naturally behave as a human would want them to, but that is not within their instincts. When taught and given training, the dog’s brain is very much as absorbent as a child’s. Dogs can learn up to 300 different words, and are not limited to a single language.

Dogs are undoubtedly an incredible species. As goes the quote ‘dogs are the only thing on earth that love you more than they love themselves’.

Dogs yearn for nothing more than fresh water, good food and cuddles. It does not take much for a dog to wag their tail, smile and jump around. They take joy and gratitude in the most basic things life can offer, which is a skill we could benefit from practicing.

Cherish and honour your furry friends with treats, safe spaces and day trips. Dog portraits or other memoirs will keep you close forever.