4 Reasons Why Elevated Dog Bowls Are Perfect For Your Dog and Your Home

If you have recently gone shopping for a new bowl for your dog, you may have come across bowls that seem raised above the ground while the rest sit on the ground.

When most dog owners think about a bowl for their pet, a bowl sitting on the ground is what comes to mind.

However, there are multiple benefits your dog would reap from eating through a bowl sitting a little higher. Some dog owners are already using elevated dog bowls due to the vet’s recommendation for medical conditions.

Even without an underlying medical condition, many reasons may motivate you to consider getting raised bowls for your dog. Let’s dissect a few of them below.

1. Elevated Dog Bowls Improve Posture

Repeated bending over when eating and drinking water from bowls on the floor can give your dog bad posture. The poor posture can easily translate to your dog having back problems.

But raising your dog’s bowl will help improve their posture and prevent further complications.

It will also give them more comfort as they eat, which is especially great for older dogs with joint pain and arthritis who might experience constant pain and discomfort as they constantly bend to drink and eat.

2. Improves Swallowing movement

When your dog is bending over to eat or drink, they have to move the water and food against gravity to push it up the esophagus and then the stomach. An elevated bowl makes the swallowing process a lot easier.

The feeding method will also help slow down fast eaters. Fast eaters tend to slow down when using raised bowls since they now have to eat more uprightly.

If your dog lies down when eating, that’s the first sign that their feeding bowl is not as high as it should be. Laying down is their way of reducing the struggle of feeding on a bowl laid on the ground.

Laying down is, however, dangerous as it can cause digestion problems. Get elevated bowls and watch them transform their feeding time.

3. Elevated Feeding Bowls Are More Convenient For You Too

The elevation will also make it easier for you to reach the bowls. It will additionally reduce the time you spend cleaning.

You will notice that the dog is less likely to create a mess when the bowl is closer to its mouth. Larger dogs also tend to have water dripping out of their mouths after bending over for a drink, so this is something you might consider.

4. Feeding Bowls Are No Longer Toys

Many dogs, especially puppies, enjoy playing with their water bowl. Some might even drop the bowls around the house or run into the bowls when playing in the house.

Switching to a raised feeding bowl will mitigate this since they come in stands that are not easy to knock over or dragged around the house.

Elevate Your Pet’s Feeding Bowl

Raising your dog’s feeding bowls promotes ergonomic positions. It reduces the stress posed on their joints, which may slowly affect them.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. If you choose to make the shift, there are many feeding bowls in different elevation angles and heights for you to pick them. Remember to factor in the size of your pet to guide your choice of the bowl.

Happy feeding!