A popular guide to dog breed types

Restore the original look of the dog

If you have to guess the name of an intelligent, lively, loyal animal and will try to please its owner, what is it? Of course, it is a cute dog! But when you stroke the dog’s soft fur or kiss its pretty face, you may not imagine that they all evolved from the wild wolves that appeared in East Asia 15,000 years ago.

When you think of wolves, you may not think of any good words, such as wolf’s son, wolf’s ambition, and wolf’s lust for evil. The legendary wolves are vicious, related to your beloved dogs! But in fact, whether from the external form of dogs or the internal temperament, their ancestors are indeed wolves. But after tens of thousands of years of reproduction, dogs have been “transformed” in appearance and character and are very different from their ancestors. But the blood of their ancestors still flows in their bloodline and influences their daily habits. If you have ever owned a dog, you can find the residual shadow of wolves in their every action. Meanwhile, to easily find a legit list of the best au online casino, click the given link.

Why do dogs like to eat meat as much as wolves?

Why do dogs like to eat meat as much as wolves

Dogs are generally not interested in vegetarian food, but they are susceptible to meat. Why? Because the ancestors of dogs – coyotes – were carnivores. In the past, wild wolves were forced by life and often had to kill other animals to get food. Eating meat for a long time made their intestines produce more and more digestive enzymes for decomposing flesh and less digestive enzymes for decomposing other miscellaneous foods, so that finally, except for meat, other foods in the body of wolves could not be digested at all. Dogs inherit the “meat-born” stomach of coyotes, so of course, they are more sensitive to meat.

Why do dogs especially like to “show” their teeth?

Coyotes have long relied on their teeth to “fight” the world, resulting in sharp teeth, which dogs are fortunate to have inherited. But today’s a comfortable living environment so that dogs do not need to fight to kill also have meat to eat; plus, some careful owners will even chop meat to feed the dog so that the dog even the last opportunity to sharpen teeth are gone, sharp teeth suddenly become useless. So when the dog grips the owner’s slippers, books, and other things wandering around the world, it goes without saying that it must be grinding teeth. Meanwhile, for a safe and legit paying online casino, choose leroi johnny casino en ligne.

How is the dog also smell genius, taste mediocre?

Dogs like to use sensitive noses everywhere “shopping.” When the owner takes it out for a trip, it may be exciting in the garbage cans on the side of the road, so you are depressed do not know what it is looking for. But in fact, this is just the dog’s “natural” attack, smelling the stench from the garbage cans on the side of the road, thinking there is “delicious food.”

This “nature” is also inherited from the ancestors of coyotes. The sense of smell, hearing, and vision of wild wolves are surprisingly powerful. Still, the importance of taste is unprecedentedly dull, and they can smell the scent of food within a hundred miles, but they cannot taste whether the food is delicious or not. For the wolf, as long as it is meat, whether fresh or rotten, it will take it all. Today’s dogs have not evolved based on their ancestors and cannot distinguish whether the food is hygienic or not, which is a bit “unthinking”!

But “the child does not mind the mother, the dog does not mind the family poor,” the dog is absolutely 100% loyal to the master, even if it is eating trash and food is not willing to leave, and when the master is in danger or under attack, it will be the first time to come forward. So, go ahead and spoil your dog as much as you want, just like you didn’t know it had a coyote ancestor.

Things come in groups, “dogs” are divided into groups

How big is the dog family? According to incomplete statistics, there may be more than 300 breeds; if you want to let these dogs party, the scene is no more minor than a hundred flowers blooming in the park. Dogs are also a variety of styles, a variety of black, yellow, white, flower, dog body hair colorful; big, small, long hair, short hair, each with excellent posture; or agile, or naive, in short, the skills of love is “strong in the strong hand”; or just for viewing, or to help people escape loneliness, or in the yard to guard the house. Or in the courtyard to protect the door, each dog has a skill, each in its way ……

So, according to the dog’s habits, size, and use, we can probably divide the dog into hunting dogs, sheepdogs, working dogs, and pleasure dogs. Still, no matter how you separate, you can not divide the boundaries between dogs to infinite clarity. As long as any breed of dog is pleasing to people, they can be invited home as a “guest” and a pleasure dog.

Hunting Dog

Hunting Dog 

As soon as you hear the name, you know that this dog has extraordinary skills. Indeed, the hunting dog is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, pure in the breed and unchanged in form since ancient times. This dog has two distinctive characteristics: agility and an excellent sense of smell. However, most hunting dogs have only one of these unique characteristics, so hunting dogs can be divided into visual and scenting hunting dogs.

Visual Hunting Dogs

Visual hunting dogs come exclusively from the Middle East, such as the Afghan, Dalmatian, Spirit [Illustration], and Wolfhound. They are like good human sprinters, lean and highly muscled. This kind of dog is often used in the desert to chase prey, and a hundred hits, and their chase prey accuracy rate, all based on their superb sense of vision. If a 100-meter dash is held in the dog world, this type of dog will win the championship.

Scenting Dogs

These dogs have a nose a million times more sensitive than humans and can follow the smell of the ground to track prey long after it has happened. In addition, they have strong legs, and once they find the prey trail, they will run towards the game as if they are full of electricity.

Unlike the visual hunting dog, it does not rely on instant speed to get the prey but relies on its fantastic endurance to do a long race until it finds it.

When searching for prey, the scenting dog is highly concentrated and sometimes does not listen to the call of its owner. Centers are very calm and collected and generally do not shout or spill their guts. In addition, in terms of appearance, their coats are usually immaculate and need only to be scrubbed once, making them suitable as pet dogs for children.

Currently, scenting hunting dogs generally include Dachshunds, Great Pyrenees, American Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, etc.



A sheepdog is a dog that is used explicitly for herding work. However, the sheepdog is only a professional name given to them by humans. It is not a separate breed but a large, thriving family of organizations, including the Scottish Shepherd, German Shepherd, English Ancient Sheepdog, Caucasian Shepherd, Cormorant, and Burgher.

In the past, sheepdogs were responsible for sheep and livestock breeds. Their primary duty was to guard the farms to prevent livestock from escaping or being lost and protect poultry from fierce animals, making them an indispensable helpers for farmers. However, with the development of history, sheepdogs have gradually become popular with the royal families of various countries. Even the upper class and the general public are being progressively raised as pleasure dogs.

Working Dogs

As the name implies, working dogs are dogs used to assist humans in their work, but not only that; they are also their owners’ natural escorts. Rottweilers, for example, are mainly used for work, but when their owners are in danger, they will act bravely and fearlessly and are excellent personal bodyguards.

Working dogs have brought endless help to humans. They sometimes play “guard” in human life, sometimes “sentry,” can also pull sleds, guide the blind, and today can even be used to search the scene of earthquakes fires. These dogs include Golden Retrievers, Pine Collies, Alaskan Sled Dogs, Soviet Red Dogs, etc.

Reward Dogs


This type of dog can be called a companion dog and can be large or small, but is mainly a tiny breed and some smaller working breeds, with adult dogs generally not exceeding 35 cm in height. In addition to being appreciated by people, the dog can also play with people, soothe the lonely hearts of solitary people, and even take care of elderly children. The sick, making it a veritable “companion” pet.

Most of the dogs are peculiar, small and beautiful, intelligent and lively, and have their way of winning their owners’ hearts, so they are the first choice of many people who like to have pets. These dogs are Pekingese, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Pug, Butterfly, Poodle, etc.

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