The Charismatic and Smart Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is a dog breed that originated in Scotland. They were initially bred to help humans herd sheep and cattle in any terrain and weather. Today, they are usually kept to be family companions, working sheepdogs, as well as show dogs. Bearded Collies are always full of energy and quickness, which is why they are suited for competing in rally, obedience, agility, and other dog sports. In this article, we are going to know more about this dog breed, their origins, characteristics, and how to care for them.

History of the Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is one of the oldest dog breeds in Britain. They are sometimes called the Mountain Collie, Highland Collie, or the Hairy Mou’ed Collie. This dog breed is shaggy herding dogs that existed for centuries, and back then, they used to be helpmeets to farmers. That is why farmers bred them for their working abilities and did not keep any records on how they came to be. Which is why the story of how they came to be is really entirely unknown. However, experts believe that the breed started when a Polish merchant who visited Scotland during the 1500s and he traded a pair of Polish Lowland Sheepdogs for other supplies. Those said breeds were probably crossed bred with other local sheepdogs that became the Bearded Collie.

Towards the end of the Victorian era, Bearded Collies were famous as show and working dogs. However, they had no official standards as well as breed clubs to lay down any description of what they look and act like. But they were kept alive by shepherds that loved and valued them because of their working abilities as sheepdogs.  

The modern-day Bearded Collie is believed to be bred by G.O Willison, who used the dogs for the show ring after World War II. G.O Willison was also the one responsible for forming the Bearded Collie Clun in 1955 in Britain. After the Kennel Club granted the Bearded Collie rights to show for Challenge Certificates and Championships in 1959, the Bearded Collie started gaining popularity.

Bearded Collies were first brought to the United States during the late ‘50s. However, nobody was interested in breeding this kind of dog. That is why it was until 1967 when the first litter of Bearded Collies was born in the United States.

Characteristics of the Bearded Collie

Height: 21-22 inches in male and 20-21 inches in female

Weight: 45-55 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

Hypoallergenic: No

A male Bearded Collie can grow as tall as 21 to 22 inches at the shoulder while female Bearded Collies can be as tall as 20 to 21 inches at the shoulder. Both male and female Bearded Collies can weigh from 45 to 55 pounds.

Bearded Collies are resourceful, smart, and confident dogs; that is why they are fun to be with. However, when it comes to training them, they can be independent thinkers, which means that they like to have their own way. They are energetic playmates for children, and they also have some sense of humor that makes it fun when they are around.

If you are going to have a Bearded Collie for a pet, make sure that you know that their temperament is affected by several factors such as training, socialization, and heredity. Bearded Collie puppies that have excellent temperaments can be playful and curious. We suggest that you opt for the middle-of-the-road Bearded Collie puppy who doesn’t like beating up his littermates but not the one who always hides in the corner.

If you are going to buy a Bearded Collie puppy, make sure that you meet at least one of its parents to make sure that they have the temperaments that you are comfortable with.

Taking Care of Bearded Collies

The Bearded Collie is an outdoor/indoor dog, which means that they need to live inside the house with their people while they have access to a fenced yard where they can run. This is why Bearded Collies are not the perfect pet if you are living in a condominium or apartment. Bearded Collies love to be around people, whether they are indoors or outdoors.

Keep in mind that Bearded Collies must undergo obedience training if you want them to have order and discipline. Always make sure that you keep their learning fun while you teach them with positive reinforcement techniques. Remember that Bearded Collies do not learn if they are under harsh conditions.