The Famously Funny and Confident Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is a curious, loyal, and famously amusing dog breed. It looks almost like a human toy dog, but it is fearless out of all proportion. The Affenpinscher’s seriousness of purpose that makes his crazy antics even more amusing. ​The Affenpinscher’s appearance is described in many ways so much so that … Read more

The Dignified Dalmatian


The Dalmatian dog breed is popular because it is the star of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. Aside from that, they are also famed for their spotted coats. The Dalmatian is a sleek and athletic dog breed which has a history that goes back several hundred years. It is as charming in real life … Read more

The Adorable Pomeranian


Pomeranians are adorable little dogs that have distinct foxlike faces and plumed tails. But even though they are small, the breed often has a personality that resembles one of a large dog. It is also one of the most popular companion dogs today. Let us know more about the Pomeranian breed. History … Read more