Revisiting Puppy Exercises – 3 Quick Ways To Make Them More Alert

Keeping your puppies active and playful is vital to their growth, personality development, and social skills. You focus, as a pet owner shouldn’t be just on their physical well-being but sharpening their mental capabilities as well. The following section talks a little in detail about that and more:

1. Let’s Go Running

Veterinarians are of the opinion that this is one of the most effective exercises for your puppies. This is because it involves all their muscles and helps them train numerous muscle fibers at the same time. If you have a hyperactive puppy at your house, making them run around a few miles every evening is not a bad idea. They will be able to utilize all their energy trying to achieve their milestones. It is not just a practical approach to keep them busy but also to keep them fit and away from any mischievous activities back at home.

2. Go For Formal Training Classes

Is this a good idea? A lot of pet owners think that going for formal training classes at a tender age might not be suitable for their puppy. This is not the truth. Several experts recommend that training in short sessions for only a few minutes can help your puppies develop social skills along with several other mental abilities. You can also go for multiple sessions in a day depending upon how much interest the little one is showing in these classes. It is always a good idea to train them in some basic commands so that they don’t end up making a mess of your home every now and then.

3. Mental And Physical Stimulation

If you thought that stimulating your little puppy both physically and mentally is not possible, you need to think again. There are several accessories, games, playthings, and chew toys that you can buy that allow your puppies to work on their motor skills and also learn while they play. You can invest in a set of bully sticks actually depending upon their breed to make sure that your little furry friend gets all the activity that is needed to stimulate his mind and limbs. There are other games and puzzles as well that can do both these jobs at the same time. The idea of your dog playing with a puzzle or solving a game is not new. You just have to be more open and experimental with it.

Preventing Destructive Behaviors – Solid Reasons To Revisit Dog Exercises Today

  • Hyperactivity throughout the day
  • Restlessness at night
  • Raiding the garbage cans
  • Preventing predatory behavior in pets around the house
  • Rough play and too much biting
  • Excessive barking and odd behavior with guests
  • Excessive chewing, digging and scratching surfaces

Avoiding Health Risks With Adequate Pet Activity

  • Preventing obesity
  • Improved socialization
  • Relieving your puppy of digestive problems and constipation
  • Saying goodbye to behavioral problems
  • Ensuring intellectual and social stimulation
  • Promotion of house training
  • Strengthening cardiovascular health

Key Takeaways 

Your puppy or your little kitten deserves and demands your attention. Failure to be there for them is only going to agitate them and make them miss you. It’s advised to stay close to them, look after them, and train them, especially at this tender age so that they can grow and develop a healthy body and mind.