Pumi – The Energetic and Hardworking Herder

Hungary is known to be the birthplace of several herding dogs. Interestingly, we can easily recognize these herders for their body characteristics, especially their coat. Hungarian breeds are known for their unique coats that usually come in thick, curled, or corded. These iconic features of the Hungarian herding breeds are what make them attractive, not just to shepherds but also to dog lovers. An excellent example of a Hungarian herding dog is the Pumi. 

Like other Hungarian breeds, the Pumi flaunts its beautiful looks. At first glance, you would quickly notice the breed’s unique curled-coat, covering its entire body. This coat is not only meant to give the Pumi an adorable look; it also serves as a shield to protect the dog from dangerous elements outside. Since the Pumi is known to be an exceptional herder, it is no surprise that this dog is packed with several great qualities. Underneath the thick and unique coat is an athletic and muscular dog eager to please its master. Its devotion is also fascinating since this dog would always make it a point to finish any task given to it. Packed with robust traits, the Pumi is a one-of-a-kind dog that is a dog lover’s attraction. 

Origins of the Pumi

If you are familiar with the Hungarian herding dogs, the Mudi and Puli, you would already have a brief idea of the origins of the Pumi. As mentioned earlier, the Pumi is a breed native to Hungary and part of its list of significant sheepdogs. Despite being separate breeds, the Pumi is known to share similar characteristics with the other herding dogs, mainly because of its coat. 

For us to know the history of the Pumi, we need to look into the origins of the Puli first. The Puli is also a Hungarian sheepdog; we can trace back its origins to thousands of years ago, wherein it is considered to be the oldest of the sheepdogs. After the Puli was introduced to Hungary, it was then crossed with European herding dogs, as well as terriers, resulting in an excellent sheepdog – the Pumi. 

The development of the Pumi sparked the interests of dog breeders. However, despite showcasing several distinct features, the Pumi was initially identified as a  variant of the Puli. This classification took place for many years before it the Pumi and Puli were considered as two separate breeds, which was changed during the early 20th century. 

Characteristics of the Pumi

Height: 15 – 18.5 inches

Weight: 22 – 29 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 13 years

Hypoallergenic: No 

Interestingly, the Pumi is slightly larger compared to the Puli. The Pumi is a medium-sized dog that could stand up to more than eighteen inches tall and weighs up to twenty-nine pounds. The breed’s size is perfect for working in the field, allowing it to move swiftly and powerful. Its body size is ideal for herding since sheepdogs would be required to run in the field for hours. 

Moreover, the Pumi gained recognition for its iconic coat. A beautiful, thick coat known as a corkscrew curled-coat covers the breed’s entire body. It comes in various colors, such as black or white. Another function of the Pumi’s coat is to protect its body from the extreme temperatures outside. This thick layer of weatherproof coat serves as a shield against various types of weather. 

When looking at the Pumi, you might consider the breed as a toy dog, mainly because of its appearance. However, don’t be deceived by its fascinating looks and charming personality; the Pumi is a clear definition of a working dog. Underneath its adorable coat is a strong and athletic dog that loves working in the field. It is a true herding dog, eager to please its master. Because of its devoted nature, the Pumi quickly earned a reputation as a herding dog, capturing the hearts of shepherds and dog lovers. 

Besides herding flocks of sheep, the Pumi is also known for its playful nature. If you are looking for a dog that works best in indoor and outdoor activities, the Pumi is suitable for the job. Its playful and affectionate nature not just make it a wonderful working dog; it is also capable of being a trusted and loyal family companion.