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Owning a dog comes with responsibilities; just like being a parent to a child. You have to feed, groom, train, and give maximum attention to your canine. Unfortunately, you may not have the time to do all this if you go to work every day.

Thankfully, doggie daycares are here to stay, and people like you have nothing to worry about anymore. They provide a home away from home for your pup. Including training, grooming, feeding, and any other services or treats you would want for your pet.

That said; let’s look at some of the benefits of enrolling your dog in daycare.

8 Benefits of Dog Daycare and Boarding Services

Helps in Socialization

Dogs are social animals and love to play a lot. Taking your pooch to a Doggie daycare will help it socialize with other canines and humans. This will help it become friendlier and also learn how to stay calm in various situations.

Relieves Anxiety

For dogs going through separation and anxiety disorder, the activities at the daycare can help reduce the symptoms. They get to meet and socialize with other canines. Plus, they also get preferential treatment from the caregivers till they become okay.

You can check the following link for more details on how to treat anxiety and depression for your canine. https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/health/treating-dog-anxiety/

Maintains a Routine

Canines need routines to be disciplined, and sending your dog to daycare can help maintain that. The caregivers can help train your pet on habits and manners, so they don’t become unruly.

Peace of Mind

Working late? Or perhaps, you’re leaving town for some days and don’t want to take your dog along? You can hand it over to the caregivers and have nothing to worry about till you’re back. This gives you peace of mind, plus your dog won’t have to be alone and restless.

Maximum Attention

Maximum Attention

Sending your canines to the daycare is one way to ensure that they get enough attention. They are well cared for and groomed. The caregivers can also help you detect when your dog starts showing unusual behaviour that you’d not notice if you left it at home all the time.

Daily Exercise

Canines need a lot of exercise for their bones and joints to function properly. They also need it to stay healthy and agile. Exercises are also one of the daily routines for dogs, and you’re sure your pooch will have lots of that and enough playtime at the daycare.

Ensures Safety

When you leave your pet alone at home while you’re at work, it could get into danger at any time. This could even cause damages to your home in severe cases, and you don’t want that. Your canine is completely safe when it’s at the daycare and would be readily rescued if danger calls.

Affordable Cost

People may shy away from Dog daycares and boarding houses because of the assumed cost. However, canine daycares offer a wide range of services for an affordable price. Plus, the benefits outweigh the cost.

Finding the Right Daycare

A doggie daycare is an excellent place for your canine friend but not every daycare deserves your pet. You have to be sure that the one you choose has everything your pup needs to be comfortable and happy.

You can check out Port Coquitlam dog daycare to learn more about choosing a hotel and spa for your dear pet. You should be sure to choose a facility that will provide grooming services, spa treatments, training and lots of activities and treats to keep your dog healthy, strong, and happy. These should be offered at an affordable cost so you don’t have to break the bank to give your pup all the good treats it needs.

That said, you should also note that daycares are not for every dog. You do not want to put your canine in a boarding facility if it is aggressive, and could harm other pups and humans. You should also make sure that your canine is well vaccinated and strong enough to stay with other dogs.


Sending your pets to daycares or boarding facilities does not take away your alone time with them. It does not also mean you do not love them enough.

Your favorite pets need all the attention they can get. And they are happier when they play with other dogs. You also get to work and focus on other important ativities without worrying about your pet. In the end, your dog is happy and you’re happy as well.