My dog is getting older: What can I do to make the dog live longer?

Having a dog is the desire of most men and those who can afford it often get one. For many other people, it is just because they don’t have the time required to take care of a dog that makes them not want to have a dog. Dog owners derive many benefits from owning dogs including friendship, companionship and security.

Dogs, just like humans and other animals, are living things. Hence, they also go through the process of birth to death. They also experience some sicknesses just like other animals as they get older. When those illnesses start to occur, there will be the option of treating them to give them a chance of living for much longer than they would if the illness was not treated. Some of the things you can do to make your dog live longer are discussed subsequently.

Give your dog good food

One of the things that you can do to make your dog live longer is to give them the right food. With the right food, the dog will be able to get all the nutrients they will need to live a healthier life as they continue to grow older. It will also allow them to live longer. You can look out for quality dog food that will help to prevent health diseases and prolong their animal life. They would need food rich in calcium to make their bone stronger and other nutrients that will boost their immune system. Investing your time and money in knowing the best foods to buy for your dog breed as they get older, buying them and ensuring the dog eats at the right time will contribute significantly to helping your dog to live longer.


Whenever your dog falls ill, it is important to get the dog to a veterinary doctor as soon as possible. The veterinary doctor will be able to diagnose the dog, treat it and provide you with the right medications. It might surprise you to know that dog treatments can be very expensive especially if you have never owned a dog before. Hence, you should be sure that you can afford the expenses. A better idea will be to get insurance for your dog. This way, the insurance company can sort out the medical bills whenever the bills come. Taking care of your pet means willing to pay whatever it takes for a good animal service.

Regular check-ups

It will be a great idea to take your dog for regular check-ups at least once a year once you buy them. As the dog grows older, you might want to increase the frequency of the check-ups. When it comes to illnesses, the earlier they are discovered and treatment commenced, the higher the chance of survival. Furthermore, you would also be spending less on the treatment compared to when it is discovered at an advanced stage. When it is necessary, the dogs will be given immunizations and checked for any illnesses that have not become prominent yet. Your dog will have a higher chance of living for a longer period with regular check-ups compared to when you only visit the veterinary doctor when they have started displaying symptoms. A lot of illnesses have a long period of incubation when they spread within the host before displaying symptoms.