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Modern Dog Training

Dog training is something that has changed a lot over time. Most people think it’s a timeless art, but it changes a lot every single year. More and more is understood about the psychology of dogs as more and more study is conducted, and more technology is being developed to expedite the training of dogs. One of the most important tools in modern dog training is the e-collar.

E-collars work by using electrical stimulation to discourage behaviors. While they are frequently misunderstood, this is distinct from a “shock collar,” which is used solely to cause a dog pain and is not a useful training tool. These collars can be tailored for different intensity levels so you are only giving the dog in training exactly as much stimulation as they need. Stimulation is triggered by remote instantly.

Training your dog using an e collar allows you to reduce all your training to a simple equation. Consistency is an important aspect of dog training, and e-collars mechanically guarantee consistency. This smooths the whole process to deliver more consistent results from your efforts, which is why e-collars are catching on with more and more professional trainers. They won’t let you train a dog if you don’t know how. It still requires a measure of expertise.

However, those that know what to do will find that they can get much more consistent results and encourage their dogs away from bad habits in fractions of the time, with far less confusion and risk of contamination.

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