Modern Dog Training

They say that dogs are a human’s best friend. They join us for walks, help us stay active by dragging us to play catch with them.They get really excited to see us when we come back home from a tiring day at work, they lick our faces and express their love very frequently. It’s amazing how much love that little animals holds in his heart! But in order to enjoy all this love, we need to teach obedience using these dog training tips from In case of Dogs the training can be super overwhelming and super fun too.

There are so many conventional methods of training a dog which include setting up his tray, his private den, training him to respond to whistle etc. Dog training is something that has changed a lot over time. Most people think it’s a timeless art, but it changes a lot every single year. More and more is understood about the psychology of dogs as more and more study is conducted, and more technology is being developed to expedite the training of dogs.

Canine wearables:

Canine Wearables

Nowadays people are focusing more on Canine wearables that includes all the devices that your pet can wear comfortably throughout the day. With each passing day the list of wearable devices is getting bigger and better. Most of these devices are trackers that help keep a track record of your dog’s health, fitness and whereabouts and e-collars that help train the dog easily.

Dog trackers:

Some e-collars come with fitness trackers that help you track your dog’s physical health everyday such as his heartrate, his weight gain and loss etc. Others help you track his activities and help you reward your dog for better behavior. Fitness trackers are great if you are trying to make your dog lose weight or if the dog already suffers with some health issue.

Also, tracker help you keep an eye on the dog’s whereabouts. Some of these trackers even have an alarm that can buzz if the dog crosses the boundary. It helps you keep him safe while keeping him comfortable at the same time. Mentioning some of the best fitness trackers for Dog from amazon:

Fit Bark 2 Dog activity monitor:

The tracker can be synced to your phone and can send all the information to you. Fit bark tracker is a favorite among the dog owners. It helps keep a track of the quality of sleep the dog got, how far did he traveled (yes his steps), how many calories he has burned and how active he is. The best part is this device is water resistant, so one doesn’t have to worry about the dog swimming in the water while wearing it.

Why this is the best choice:

You can link it to apple watch and google fit devices to get minute by minute updates. Also, the tracker keeps a track of dog’s anxiety level and his skin condition.

PetFit tracker:

This tracker tracks the dog’s weight gain and weight loss along with his level of physical activity daily. It collects the data on his physical wellbeing and then recommends exercise according to his breed, age, gender and neutralization.

The tracker can also connect to your phone and provide you with a thorough report that will help you figure out the problem and discuss it with the veterinarian in a better way.


One of the most important tools in modern dog training is the e-collar. E-collars work by using electrical stimulation to discourage behaviors. While they are frequently misunderstood, this is distinct from a “shock collar,” which is used solely to cause a dog pain and is not a useful training tool. These collars can be tailored for different intensity levels so you are only giving the dog in training exactly as much stimulation as they need. Stimulation is triggered by remote instantly.

Training your dog using an e-collar allows you to reduce all your training to a simple equation. Consistency is an important aspect of dog training, and e-collars mechanically guarantee consistency. This smooths the whole process to deliver more consistent results from your efforts, which is why e-collars are catching on with more and more professional trainers.

Bluetooth LED collar:

These days, people are also investing in Bluetooth LED collar for dogs. The collar lights up at dark and lets your dog see everything clearly. Since cats are the champions of night visions, dogs can only navigate through dim light, they need every bit of light possible. The Bluetooth LED collar help you find the dog in low light conditions and hence keep him safe. The collar is made up of a silicone tube.

The collar is very safe and can be cut to fit the size of your dog’s neck. Also, the collar is very light weight and water resistant.

Tri star GPS Collar:

This collar is especially helpful if you are worried about your pet getting lost. The GPS will keep a record of wherever he went and where is right then. Also, the tracker will track the dog no matter wherever he is, whichever part of the world he may be.

The trackers has an app that can be downloaded on your phone and hence you can have a real-time track record of your dog. The tracker comes with an integrated sim card and is water resistant as well.

Other essential products:

Apart from trackers and collars, here are some of the recommended products that can assit you train the do and keep his anxiety level low.

6 in 1 puppy training kit:

If you are looking for an essential do-it-all training kit, then you should invest in 6-in-1 puppy training kit, which is available on amazon.  This kit is so efficient that it helps you train your dog with whistles. The whistles help you accomplish all the essential training aspects such as, sit, stand, stop barking, come here, stop, stay etc.

Your dog learns how to follow commands with just an adjustable whistle. You can set the pitch of the whistle, though it’s not high enough to cause any damage. The whistle also helps you command your dog to stop barking at any odd hour. The kit also comes with potty training bells that will grab your attention instantly and allows your dog to communicate about his needs.

If you are the first time dog parent, this device will make your life so much easier by helping you train the dog with all the very basic commands.

OSPet Interactive Dog Puzzle Toy:

If you are travelling to a different city or even if you are away for work most of the day and are worried about your dog getting bored at HOME, then this puzzle will save his day. The puzzle will reward the dog with hidden treats and hence motivate him to find more treats. The refillable food trough is full of treats that are hidden and hence the dog will keep moving it to take out the treats. This puzzle helps the dog overcome his anxiety and keeps him busy while you are away.

Below are some of the revolutionary technologies in pet world. These devices are not yet available on amazon but soon will be.

KYON Pet Tracker:

There are trackers that are so efficient that the mood of your pet also gets noticed. If the dog’s activity level is fairly low, the device sends you a message on your mobile saying ‘I’m not feeling well”. One of that device is Kyon pet tracker. Kyon pet tracker has a heat sensor that tracks the temperature around the dog, if it’s too high it sends you an alert instantly. If your dog isn’t a good swimmer, it will keep a track on its water level. It’s definitely the coolest and most expensive device so far.

Google GPS Vests:

For service dogs, FIDO (Facilitating Interactions for Dogs) has released a new vest that helps him keep his owner and himself safe. The vest has a built-in alert system that the dog can easily activate by his basic abilities such as tugging or biting. The vest has a GPS tracker and can call 911 if the owner or his dog is in danger. The vest even talks back like Siri. This sensor is equally useful for bomb sensor dogs, medical dogs or work canines.

Video games:

Another interesting invention in dogs tech world is dog’s video games that can keep your pet busy so he won’t bother while you respond to that important email from work. These video games are interactive and fun. They have been here for some time now and are quite a success. Though most of these games don’t have a built-in camera but they stream the data to the app in your phone.

If you are traveling to a different city and you miss the dog back at home, you can play some puzzles with him using the puzzle games which give you the control and you can also treat the dog with food incentives. These devices can be controlled from afar and they come with a built-in camera that helps you keep a watch on the dog.

It’s clear that our pets are definitely going to experience the advancement in tech. These devices do make our lives easier for us and our dogs.