How to Spot Boredom in Dogs and Ways to Relieve It

A good nap and a pot of food are all that’ll make a dog’s life easy. This, together with a casual stroll in the backyard, sums up their perfect daily routine. But make no mistake—dogs can get pretty emotional when denied the proper attention. Just like humans, they get restless and bored when you leave them alone for long.

Interestingly, a bored dog will always find something to do. In most cases, they engage in activities that are destructive to them or even your home. Here are the top signs you should look out for in a bored dog.


A bored dog will often seek out things that can improve the mood. Chewing is one of those things, and they love biting and picking around stuff that’s lying idle in the house. So, next time you see stuff hanging in your dog’s mouth, know they are probably in a low mood.

Excessive Licking

It’s no secret every dog loves a little lick once in a while. But watch out if the dog is constantly licking. Sometimes the dog might lick you in disguise to show affection. In reality, excessive licking may be a sign of boredom.


A bored dog loves fun. And digging is probably one of their best ways of engaging in fun. They can dig around searching for plants and destroying the lawn. Unlike other signs of boredom, digging isn’t safe for your dog.

If you have a pet dog, consider planting the best dog friendly hedges and shrubs that can better withstand the challenges your dog brings their way.

How to Relieve this Boredom

The best thing for your dogs is to live a good life free from any struggle. This includes ensuring they are well entertained and enjoy the best mental stimulation. Here are some of the best ways you can make your dog’s life much easier by preventing boredom.

Get Your Dog to Socialize

Your dog needs to feel the people around them. This, among other forms of interaction, is key in lifting their spirits and keeping all the boredom at bay. Socialization can be anything, from interacting with the outside world to playing with other dogs at home. This makes them feel less isolated and bored.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is good for your dog, no matter what you want to achieve. Walking around the house alone isn’t enough to keep off boredom or weight gain. They need a new environment and possibly a mentally stimulating place.

If you have a morning exercise routine, ensure you take your dog for a simple jog or run. Alternatively, you can make the dog run around the compound as part of the routine dog-friendly fun exercises. This will keep them fit and also prevent common conditions such as obesity.

Final Thought

Boredom is a common condition that most dogs face without their owners noticing. If not managed, it may result in a bigger problem. Consider allowing your dog to channel their energy into the above-mentioned healthier outlets to avoid boredom.