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4 most common mistakes when feed your dog

Due to lack of knowledge or encourage us to ask the vet, you may you are making mistakes to feed your dog. Do not worry it’s nothing serious; everything can change and improve health for your furry. Meet this article frequently when feeding your dog fouls.

Errors when feed your dog

To avoid health problems, bad habits or overweight dog will have to change your habits when you feed. Typical errors we make as owners are:

1. Leave the food ‘outdoor’

Under the guise of “equal is for the hairy”, we do not pay much attention to the storage of food. But as with any food, the bacteria responsible for breaking it down if exposed to air and moisture. Thus it is more likely that the animal sick.

dog feeding mistakes

Use eg feed bags to keep you cool at all times and close it well. If you give your pet wet food such as rice, then stored in the refrigerator. Any container must be clean and tightly closed.

2. Leave food that is not consumed in the dish

Sometimes dogs are not finished everything on his plate, either because they do not like something or because you have been satisfied. If that happens, do not let the open, and less at night, because it can attract the attention of rodents or insects.

In addition, it will start to break down, and if another day can you feel like eating, you are eating spoiled food or contaminated.

The rule is simple: if you have spent three hours and your pet has not eaten the dish, it is likely that no longer consume. So you have two options: throw away or keep the refrigerator for the next intake.

3. Do not wash the dish after food

Again we think it is not necessary that it also is the dish of dog, but not good it is dirty from the previous meal. Although it seems shiny, food scraps will then decompose and turn into fungi.

Dirt in the container can accumulate bacteria sicken the furry . Therefore, when finished eating wash your dish like people: with detergent and hot water.

4. Do not look at the expiration dates

All food expires at some point, including dogs. If you give feed wet or canned food, pay close attention to the expiration date, because if the animal eats anything wrong, can suffer stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Please note that the dry food also has an expiration date.

Failures you should not commit to feed your dog

  • In addition to the 4 errors that we’ve said before, there are other issues to consider when feeding your pet. Pay close attention:
  • Do not overdo it in the daily ration. Ask the vet to find out the right amount according to age, weight or conditions.
    Do not buy food in quantity if you have a single animal as it is usually exposed to moisture, sun or dust and is easily contaminated.
    Avoid buying cheaper brands of feed to save some money. Often they cause digestive problems in furry and spending on veterinary and medicine will be higher.
    Do not forget to feed it every day, because if it becomes hungry aggressive, breaks the garbage bag or until you break what you find.
    Do not give your food waste such as bones or animal fat, because they are bad for your health.
    Do not offer cookies or croquettes because if . Only you may receive when he ‘s good, that is, as a prize.
    Avoid abusing the wet feed or food “people”, because they have many carbohydrates and is likely to gain weight.
    Do not feed your dog with something the vet is forbidden. It is bad for the health of the animal.
    Avoid buying food for your puppy adult or vice versa. Each is prepared with the dose of vitamins and proteins they need at a given age.

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