Clumber Spaniel Dog –The Large and Powerful Hunter

There are many hunting dogs in existence today, and each of them possesses distinct qualities that make them suitable for the job. Some hunting dogs are small and aggressive, while others are medium-built with a sleek and agile body. However, there are hunting dogs that are incredibly large, wherein their looks showcase tremendous power and superior skills in the field. Among the group of large hunting dogs is the gentle Clumber Spaniel Dog.

The Clumber Spaniel is evidently a large breed that is more than enough to keep intruders at bay. Many dog lovers admire this dog’s hunting skills, but this breed is also a useful guard dog. Furthermore, the Clumber Spaniel has fascinating qualities that are sure to capture the hearts of many people, mainly because of its friendly and gentle nature. Overall, the Clumber Spaniel is not just a hardworker, but it could also make an incredible family companion.

Origins of the Clumber Spaniel Dog

The Clumber Spaniel does not have any concrete records about its origins. However, speculations and studies arise regarding the Clumber’s fascinating history. Interestingly, the Clumber Spaniel Dog was once a royal dog, which lived along with crowned families in England.

It all started during the 18th century in Nottinghamshire, England. During this time, the Duke of Newcastle and his gamekeeper developed a spaniel, whose name was derived from Clumber Park. It didn’t take long for this breed to gain recognition from many dog lovers, especially to many gamebird hunters.

The Clumber Spaniel’s popularity continued to rise, and it attracted people of wealthy origins. Titled and noble families loved the Clumber, which includes Edward VII and George V. Because of the various royal enthusiasts of the Clumber Spaniel, it became recognized as a noble dog throughout history.

Even before, the Clumber Spaniel was a significant part of British history and culture; wherein it took part in different events, such as sports. Interestingly, records show that this dog hasn’t changed much from its ancestors.

The 19th century came, and the Clumber Spaniel became known for its entertaining appearances in British dog shows. Its continuous growth eventually brought it to America, which inevitably boosted its popularity.

Characteristics of the Clumber Spaniel Dog

Height: 17 – 20 inches

Weight: 55 – 85 pounds

Life Expectancy: 10 – 12 years

Hypoallergenic: No

At first, the Clumber Spaniel Dog doesn’t look more massive than other dogs, mainly because it is a short-legged dog that could only stand up to twenty inches tall. However, this short breed could weigh up to a whopping eighty-five pounds, which is significantly heavier than dogs its size.

Moreover, this dog’s appearance greatly displays power because of its large head and muscular body. Its powerful movement allows it to move freely and quickly on the field. Furthermore, one thing to take note of this breed is its dense coat, which is usually color white with orange markings.

Interestingly, the Clumber Spaniel Dog is a massive breed that possesses a positive nature. This dog is highly affectionate towards its family. Its incredible devotion towards its loved ones makes it an excellent guard dog. Furthermore, it is also easily trainable, which is perfect for any outgoing dog. Its field of work is not limited to hunting and guarding, however, since it also makes an outstanding swimmer and sports dog. This breed is not just powerful but rather versatile and capable of different indoor and outdoor activities.

With proper training and care, the Clumber Spaniel is a remarkable dog to own at your house. Its great nature and powerful physique are pretty much what makes it an overall fascinating family companion.

Caring for the Clumber Spaniel Dog

One important thing in taking care of the Clumber Spaniel Dog is to be extra careful when feeding it. High-quality dog food works best for this breed but always be mindful of the amount of food you feed your dog. Excessive amounts of food could lead to obesity, which is not a suitable condition for any dog, especially to the Clumber Spaniel. Obesity could strain its joints and bones since its legs are relatively short compared to its massive body. That is why it is best to be more cautious in monitoring your dog’s calorie intake to avoid overfeeding that could lead to obesity and other health problems.