Can Pets Use CBD Oils?

Your pet is an important part of the family and you would give anything in your power to make sure that they stay healthy. So when this furry family member falls sick, going for the best medical treatment is second nature.

As it turns out, these days something known as CBD has reached peak popularity in the skin care and beauty industry. Many companies are also making medicines out of it. You probably already know that CBD has many powerful medicinal uses but is it safe for your pets?

Absolutely yes! CBD is as safe for pets as it is for humans. But what we would still recommend using CBD products that are specifically made for your furry little friend. A product containing high-amounts of CBD is not recommended to be used on pets.

With that out of the way, CBD oil, when used on pets can provide a number of benefits. Much of these benefits have to do with the well-being and overall health of the pet. Here are the top 7 benefits of using CBD oil on pets.

Powerful pain killer

CBD oil is known throughout the world for being one of the most powerful painkillers alive. CBD is a natural painkiller and is proven by many studies to be highly effective when externally used. CBD can manage pain in many different ways. If your pet suffers from pain, just try giving them a little massage with CBD oil and see how their pain fades away.


From time to time pets can feel pain in their joints and other parts of the body. This is usually due to inflammation. Before you take your pet to the vet, why not try applying a bit of CBD oil on the affected area?

CBD oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that immediately work on the affected body part to provide relief.

Stimulates appetite

Have a dog or cat that just won’t eat? Pets can often show signs of appetite loss. This is quite normal but sometimes the appetite loss can go on for days. This is can result in a variety of health issues in the pet. Rubbing a bit of hemp oil on your pet’s belly will get their appetite stimulating again because CBD is antiemetic in nature.

Anxiety and stress reduction

Many studies have proven that CBD manages the symptoms of a variety of mental conditions including anxiety. Just like humans, pets also suffer from stress, anxiety and other mental conditions. CBD oil has been shown to help a lot in controlling these conditions and keeping your pet in its best shape.

If your pet shows signs of chronic pain, epilepsy, anxiety/stress, chronic inflammatory, loss off appetite, or more serious conditions like arthritis or IBD, I highly recommend giving CBD a go. Just make sure to buy a bottle of CBD oil that is meant to be used on pets. You can easily find pet-related CBD oil from nearly every CBD retailer on the internet. This Green Roads pet CBD oil review will further guide you.