10 Ways to Celebrate your Pets Birthday

Most of us love our pets, to some of us they are just like family. We love them and would do anything for them. They are our best friends, our companions. So if they are like part of the family, wouldn’t it just feel right to celebrate your pets birthday, well if you know their birthday, that is. If I could go back I would have loved to have celebrated all of my babies birthdays. She was the best friend I’ve ever had. She left me five years ago, She was eleven. I never celebrated her birthday. Now that I wish I had, I really regret it.

The only thing I think to myself now though, is how would I celebrate my pets birthday. I couldn’t think of a thing so I did some research. There are actually some great things you can do for your pet on their birthdays. Here are my ten favorite ideas:

  1. Choose the Perfect Present for your Pet
  2. Have a Pet Party For Them
  3. Make Dog-Friendly Treats
  4. Take Them On a Special Adventure
  5. Visit a Dog Friendly Restaurant
  6. Take Them to the Pet Park
  7. Pamper Your Pet
  8. Play Some Special Games
  9. Let Them Pick Out aToy
  10. 10. Get Them a Painted Portrait of Themselves

These were the ten best I could come up with but you can let your imagination go wild. My pet was a dog, that’s why most of my birthday ideas are for dogs but you can do them for any type of animal. My dog loved toys, especially those that squeak when they bite on them, so that’s what I would get her if I chose to buy her a toy.

I would love to have a party for my dog. I would go all out. Party favors, pet friendly treats, special food and of course a pinata. It would be so much fun. I could totally picture it right now. Awww, I really miss my baby. So dog friendly treats for the party of course. All out I’m telling you.

Taking her on a special adventure would also be so much fun. She used to love going with me on hikes, jumping in the water and chasing after the birds. She would have so much fun. I could just tell she would love it. This one would probably be my favorite Idea.

I could take her to the dog park but that wasn’t really her thing. She didn’t get along with other dogs very well. I’m sure she would prefer hiking. She would rather prefer to stay home and have me pamper her. She was such a big baby. My big princess. Daddy’s little girl. She loved having my attention. She would literally follow me everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. Imagine spending a whole day pampering her for her birthday. She would be in heaven. Well she is because all dogs do go to heaven.

She loved to play, a very playful dog. So she would love spending a whole day playing. Letting her pick out a toy would also be a great birthday idea for my baby. She loved her toys. Wish I would have gotten her more toys actually.

The last idea here is one of the ones I think are the best. Especially now that my baby is gone. Getting a portrait of my boxer would have been a great idea. Now I don’t even have a good picture of her to get one done. If you have a special pet you just love, this would be a great idea for you. During my research I found Crown & Paw, they create beautiful pet art for your pet. Creating wonderful portraits. JUst an awesome idea and good for all us pet lovers. Check them out if you like this idea. You’ll be impressed, I know I was.

If you love your pet I’m sure you wouldn’t mind doing something special for their birthday. These were just some of my ideas but you can do anything you think your pet would enjoy. Do think with your pet, for your pet while you still can. My baby is no longer with me and I miss her everyday. I really regret not doing these things for her. Don’t make the same mistake I did.