Kishu Ken – The Faithful Japanese Dog

It is relatively easy to identify a Japanese dog from other breeds; it is simply because Japanese breeds are often known for their faithful and dignified nature. This description best fits the Kishu Ken.

A native dog of Japan: the Kishu Ken is a genuinely admirable breed, mainly because of its faithful and noble qualities. This dog is often known for its regal characteristics, which are sure to attract dog lovers. The breed showcases exceptional features when it comes to fieldwork; that is why it earned a reputation as an excellent working dog capable of working in various types of canine tasks.

Not a lot of people may know about the Kishu Ken, but one thing is for sure; this breed is a real dog lovers’ delight. It is apparent from its origins that the Kishu Ken is a dignified and robust breed that paved its way through history.

Origins of the Kishu Ken

Most of us might already know that Japanese breeds have descended from ancient times. These dogs survived various events in history and ended up reaching our world today. One of the oldest breeds that originated in Japan were the spitz-type dogs, which were primarily used for hunting during ancient times.

Interestingly, the Kishu Ken also has its share of the incredible history of Japanese breeds. We can trace back the origins of this breed to hundreds of years ago, wherein historians say that it came from medium-sized dogs bred for toughness. This ancestor of the Kishu Ken lived in the mountains of Japan for a long time, hunting small to big game animals in the area. Through this dog, the Kishu Ken was developed in the Wakayama region.

Breeders bred the Kishu Ken to be able to cope with various field works. However, hunting was the primary job of the Kishu Ken, similar to its ancestors. Because of this, hunters became more attracted to the breed, preferring the white color for it to be more visible in the field. During the breed’s early years of existence, it already earned a reputation as an efficient working dog capable of working in various fields.

Moreover, the early colors of the Kishu Ken came in white, red, brindle, and spotted. After years of development, changes were made when it comes to the Kishu Ken’s appearance, especially to its coat. Changes in the breed’s standard were made, wherein solid colors were the only accepted color for the breed, leaving the spotted-coat out of the norm.

Over the years, the Kishu Ken continued to live as a significant working dog in Japan. Its greatness became widespread across the land, which led to the creation of its ‘Memorial of Nature’ in 1934. This act shows how the Japanese people take pride in their native breeds; the Kishu Ken is undoubtedly one of the country’s known natural treasures. They took responsibility in taking care of the breed, making sure to maintain the Kishu’s greatness.

Characteristics of the Kishu Ken

Height: 17 – 22 inches

Weight: 30 – 60 pounds

Life Expectancy: 11- 13 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As mentioned earlier, the Kishu Ken is a medium-sized breed with exciting origins. This dog could stand up to twenty-two inches and weighs up to sixty pounds. It may not be as large as other working dogs, but it sure proves to be capable of dominating various tasks, thanks to its well-developed muscles and sleek body.

In terms of the breed’s appearance, it is no doubt many dog lovers are attracted to it. Its medium-sized body pretty much compliments its other physical features. It has a nice, short coat that comes in white, red, or brindle colors. Its ears are pointing up, along with a bushy tail that is curled or sickled, pretty much resembling a fox’s. Furthermore, the breed’s eyes express its greatness; just by looking at its eyes showcases the breed’s faithful and gentle nature.

Moreover, the Kishu Ken is not just a good-looking dog; it is also known for its exceptional expertise in the field. When it comes to fieldwork in Japan, the Kishu Ken holds a reputation as a remarkable working dog. This breed excels in different tasks, including hunting, herding, guarding, police works, and so on. With all of these features stated, we can say that the Kishu Ken is a truly notable breed.