Dog Movies of the 90’s Ranked

Who hasn’t seen the latest cute dog picture someone has posted on different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram because their owners love to post photos of them. Some even have their own social media accounts. But before dogs ruled the internet, they first became famous in Hollywood.

The ’90s is filled with a lot of great things and some of those include entertaining dog movies. Most of the kids during the ’90s grew up watching these movies. There were some great movies during those times but there’s something about those films involving a boy and his dog or an animated movie full of canine pals that seem to have a special place in our heart.

If you want to remember the dog movies you used to watch, or you want to introduce them to your kids today, here is an unofficial ranking of the best dog movies of the ’90s.

1. Top Dog


Top dog is an action film that was released in 1995 starring Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris plays a policeman named Jake Wilder who’s partnered with a police dog name Reno, whose previous police companion was killed. At first, Jake was mad when he is told by his captain that he will have to work with Reno. Despite of Jake’s doubt towards Reno, he was able to prove himself capable. They were then assigned to investigate a domestic terrorists plan to attack a conference that will include the Pope and several other bishops. The film mostly received adverse reviews. They did not do well in the box office mainly because of the timing of the movie’s release, just nine days after the Oklahoma City Bombing.

2. Balto


This 1995 live-action animated film was based on a true story about a dog named Balto who helped save children from the diphtheria epidemic in 1925. Balto was one of the dogs who helped carry the antitoxin drug in the 1925 serum run to Nome. He became an unlikely hero because he searched for one of the teams who got lost in the middle of their journey to Nome. Despite everyone’s doubt that a dog like Balto couldn’t retrieve any serum for the children, Balto proved them all wrong and he led the team to make it back to Nome. It tells the story of overcoming weaknesses and proving that you can do what other people think is impossible.

3. Lassie


Lassie is a 1994 family adventure film that tells the story of a young boy and his inseparable bond with his dog. It started out when the Turner’s move from Baltimore, Maryland to a rural countryside in Virginia. The move affected everyone especially Matt, a 13-year old boy who felt sad and alone. Then his family decided to adopt a strayed Collie dog and named her Lassie. With Lassie by his side, Matt then learned to accept the changes to his surroundings and his family’s struggling situation. The story revolves around Matt’s family’s struggle in maintaining their newly established sheep farm. If you are looking for a perfect pet for your home, just like Lassie, the Fawn pied french bulldog is your best option. 

4. Shiloh


Shiloh is a film that was first shown at the Heartland Film Festival in 1996 but it was widely released on April 25, 1997. The movie is about an abused dog who escaped his owner, then he met a boy named Marty and followed him home. Unfortunately, Marty was not allowed to take the dog home and adopt him. That’s why he rebuilt an abandoned shack at the top of a hill and hid the dog. Marty then named the dog Shiloh. Marty soon discovered that Shiloh was owned by an evil hunter and Marty was determined to fight to save Shiloh from the abusive hunter.

5. Zeus and Roxanne


This 1997 comedy, adventure movie is about the bond between a dog and a dolphin. A marine biologist name Mary Beth was surprised and annoyed when a dog named Zeus climbed up her research boat. At the same time, she was interested in how Zeus made friends with Roxanne, the dolphin she caught. Mary Beth also met Zeus’ owner, Terry and began to fall in love with him. Mary Beth, together with Terry, researched and discovered that Zeus and Roxanne are capable of “inter-species” communication. Roxanne was kidnapped by Mary Beth’s rival and Zeus along with Terry and Mary Beth set out on an adventure to rescue Roxanne and bring her back with her dolphin friends.

6. 101 Dalmatians


101 Dalmatians is a 1996 live action film that was released by Walt Disney Pictures. I bet all you 90’s kid would know what this movie is all about but we’re going to tell you anyway. This movie is about a video game designer named Roger Dearly that lives with his pet Dalmatian named Pongo. One day, while they were taking a walk in the park, Pongo sees and instantly fell in love with a female Dalmatian named Perdy. They chased each other through the streets of London. It was then Roger’s discovered that Pongo fell in love with Perdy. Roger’s saw Perdy’s owner, Anita Campbell- Green and also fell instantly in love with her.  They made a family along with their Dalmatians and one day an evil woman named Cruella De Vil kidnapped every Dalmatian in London in hope of making garments out of their skins. After Rogers and Anita found out that their puppies were missing, they soon set out to find them.

7. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey


This film was released in 1993 by Walt Disney Pictures. This was a remake of the 1963 film and was based on the novel of Sheila Burnford. This movie is all about Jamie Burnford’s pet that doesn’t want to be part of the family. He shares his home with an old golden retriever who is owned by Jamie’s brother, Peter. The family has to temporarily move to San Francisco because of Jamie’s husband, Bob, landed a job there.  The two dogs were left to be taken care of by a family friend. When they for worried about their family, they decided to try their luck and find their way back home. This movie tells a tale of love, encouragement and family worthiness that will sure pinch your hearts will all the feels.

8. Beethoven


This family comedy film was released in 1992. It follows the adventure of a St. Bernard that escaped from thieves and sneaked into the Newton’s family home. The family named him Beethoven because he barked along when they play Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Beethoven is a big help to the Newton’s children. He is always there when they need to overcome their problems. But it takes time before Beethoven earns the trust of their dad.

9. Air Bud


This comedy film is about a young boy who is having trouble adjusting to his new home because they just moved after his dad died. One day, he made friends with a strayed golden retriever and named him buddy. He was surprised to know that Buddy has a talent when it comes to playing basketball. This is a classic dog film in the 90’s. it was very popular back then that it turned into a franchise. It had over four Air Bud movies and seven more Air Buddies film.

10. A Goofy Movie


This 1995 animated film tells the story of Goofy being a father to his teenage son, Max. Goofy feared that Max is drifting away from him because he is losing interest in talking to him and spending time with him. That’s why he planned a road trip and a fishing trip that gave the both of them the adventure of their lifetime and a lesson they will never forget. This is a very fun movie to watch with the family because it teaches a lot about family love and values.

These are the top 10 dog movies that became popular in the ’90s. They may be old but they have certainly taught us about love, loyalty, believing in yourself, and never doubting what you can do. These movies are also a reminder that dogs are really man’s best friends and that we should take more care of them because they are always at our side. Dog’s can be with you for a few years but you are going to be there for your dogs for their whole lifetime.