Brains and Beauty: The American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo dog is a cheerful, white dog that kind of looks like a miniature Husky. Regardless of its name, this dog breed originated in the Midwest part of America, where it served as a farm dog. American Eskimos are talkative dogs that come in three different sizes. Still, they always have white and fluffy fur along with perky ears. They are playful, and sometimes, they tend to be a bit mischievous. American Eskimo dogs are known for being a bit reserved with other people, and they can be quite vocal for apartments. Nevertheless, this breed offers a perfect balance of brains and beauty if you’re the rightful owner.

History of the American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo Dog or sometimes called Eskie is a dog breed that was created by German immigrants who lived in the upper Midwestern part of the United States. We are sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but they are not created by Eskimos. German farm owners in Ohio and Minnesota, Wisconsin, brought German Spitz dogs with them when they migrated to be an all-around farm dog. Just like any other Spitz breeds, the German Spitz sports a thick coat, pointed ears, and a curly tail. Over time, this breed slowly refined into its ostentatious all-white version along with its charming looks and quick wit. Thanks to anti-German sentiment during World War I, the German Spitz breed’s name was changed. They chose the name American Eskimo in honor of an Ohio breeding kennel, which held the same name. Although this dog breed has been used as an all-purpose farm dog in the Midwest for several years, The American Kennel Club only recognized this breed in 1995.

Characteristics of the American Eskimo Dog

Height: 9-12 inches for a toy breed, 12-15 inches for a miniature breed, and 15-19 inches for the standard breed.

Weight: 6-10 pounds for the toy breed, 10-20 pounds for the miniature breed, 25-35 pounds for the standard breed.

Life Expectancy: 13-15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The American Eskimo Dog breed has three sizes, namely the toy, miniature, and the standard. Their distinctive traits include having a sparkling and dense white coat or fur along with a lion-like ruff that is surrounding its chest and shoulders. The American Eskimo dog has a black nose and lips, and it has a smiling face, along with eye-rims that gives out a keen and intelligent expression. Lastly, this dog breed has a plumed tail that is carried over its back. American Eskimo dogs are social animals. However, they can develop a problem with their behavior when they are undertrained or neglected. They like being a part of family life, in fact, they are kid-friendly, smart, and they are always eager to please.

Taking Care of the American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo dogs are often described as busy dogs, which is why they might require a bit of mental enrichment and exercise compared to other small, fluffy breeds. Unlike Bichon Frises or the Shih Tzus, American Eskimo dogs are used to be working dogs; that is why they need daily stimulation and exercise. This breed is used to working so hard that even a game of fetch is not for these dogs. They also need mental challenges, along with physical exertion. You can give them psychological tests by giving them food-dispensing toys or even trick-training them. Usually, American Eskimo dogs are easy to train because they are smart. For some mental and physical exercise, you can try to give your American Eskimo dog at least an hour of activity every day and change to three different activities every week. We suggest that you focus on keeping the training fun and lighthearted, and do not expect that they will always get it right.