4 Tips On Flea Control For Dogs

Having a dog can boost the quality your life in many ways. With a dog, you’ll be encouraged to exercise more often and socialize with people outdoors. Being a dog owner can also help you live a healthier life because pets can ward off loneliness and lower blood pressure.

Taking care of a dog can be rewarding, but the relationship should not only benefit you. As a pet owner, you should exert time and effort to ensure that your furry friend is also in great shape, such that they’re free from flea. Fleas can cause visible patches on your dog’s skin, which can lead to hair loss and irritated skin. Fleas can also cause severe allergies that can make your dog susceptible to parasites, like tapeworms.

For your dog to live a healthy and happy life today and in the years to come, follow these tips so you can effectively get rid of fleas:

1. Start On Your Yard

Your dog will need physical exercise to stay healthy, which is why you should allow them to play in your yard. This is especially true if you’re looking after puppies because they need activities that will tire them out. Your dog will be spending a lot of time in your outdoor space, so it’s best if you start on this area when trying to control fleas.

To ensure that your yard doesn’t become the breeding ground of fleas, trim shrubs and rake up decaying leaves regularly. The grass in your outdoor space should be mowed and kept short as well. Trash cans should be secured with a lid to discourage fleas from entering your property. If your budget allows it, consider having your property fenced so untreated cats and dogs won’t wander around.

Making these changes to your yard will give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re not exposing your furry friend to fleas. Plus, these changes will also make your yard more appealing!

2. Regularly Check Your Pet

You don’t need to have years of experience to be able to detect if your dog has fleas. Merely checking the condition of your pet’s skin or fur can help you determine whether they have fleas.

As a pet owner, you should spend some time to look around your dog’s ears, head, belly, sides, and around the tail. Pay careful attention to areas in between their toes and under their collars because these are usually where fleas thrive.

Run your fingers through the fur of your pet, and remove fleas as soon as you feel or see any. If you’re not confident or comfortable doing this on your own, call your local vet and inform them of the problem right away.

Regularly Check Your Pet

3. Understand That There’s No Such Thing As One Flea Only

Even if you successfully removed one flea from your dog’s body, don’t expect that your problem is forever solved. Finding one single flea from your dog’s body can indicate that more fleas and their eggs are still hiding under your pet’s fur and even in your home.

Once you see a flea on your dog’s body, it’s best if you immediately ask a professional for help. The sooner you consult a reputable vet in your area, the fewer fleas you and your dog will have to conquer. Seeking immediate help from a professional is vital, especially if you’re looking after more than one dog.

Generally, the vet will require you to wash all of your rugs, pillows, and carpets at home the moment you see fleas on your dog. They might also recommend you to regularly vacuum your floors and furniture. If fleas have severely infested your home, your vet will advise you to hire a professional exterminator to have your home thoroughly cleaned.  Also be sure to see more here as well.

4. Buy Products That Prevent Fleas

The market is now filled with countless products that can help pet owners like you get rid of fleas. Regardless of the breed, age, and daily activities of your fur baby, it’ll be very easy for you to find a product that fits the bill. However, when choosing, it’s important to seek the approval of your vet. Giving the wrong anti-flea product to your dog can compromise their health and safety.

Generally, flea treatment for dogs comes in the following forms:

  • Flea bath: Flea bath is one of the easiest forms of flea treatment for dogs. For you to give one to your dog, you need to look for a medicated shampoo that can immediately kill and remove fleas from your dog’s body.  Also consider specialty items like shampoo for English bulldogs as well.
  • Flea drops: If you’re looking for a flea treatment that is convenient and offers fast results, spot-on products are great options for you. To use flea drops, you just have to part your dog’s hair in their shoulder blades and, then, squeeze the content of the product to their skin.
  • Flea spray: As the name suggests, you will only need to spray the product onto the parts of your dog’s body where you suspect fleas are present. Although convenient and easy to apply, flea sprays often have a strong odor.


Work With Vets

Contrary to popular belief, getting rid of fleas on dogs is a very easy task. Along with your dedication to providing the best life for your furry friend, make sure that you regularly visit the vet as well. They can determine whether your dog has fleas, and come up with effective solutions that can prevent fleas from infesting your dog’s body again.