The Wonder and Beauty of Animals

As humans, it’s easy to take the wonder of animals for granted. Any pet owner knows the comfort a cat or dog can bring to daily life, and we get used to the fun and sense of play these amazing animals bring to us. Our pets talk to us and give us love and affection (along with a sense of the ridiculous) without ever having to speak a word or impress us with their incredible wit or status in the world. The love these creatures show us gives us a bit of a lesson in humility and in the limits of our power as the “intelligent” species.

The Wondrous Variety of Animals

The truth is that every type of animal brings with it its own amazing gifts. Horses are stunningly beautiful and powerful animals that have a kind of majesty to them. It’s no wonder that many great books have been written about the relationship between horses and humans, and it’s why horse owners will go out of their way to keep their animals healthy and happy (even if that means getting a horse insurance quote to ensure their horse’s well-being).
Dogs have long been heralded for their loving natures and their deep sensitivity and soulfulness. Dogs are of course known for their loyalty to their human masters, and stories abound of dogs going to great lengths to rescue people from drowning or from burning buildings. Cats, on the other hand, are often characterized as cold and calculating, but any cat owner will tell you many stories about their feline’s affectionate nature and wiley sense of fun.
No doubt about it, the world would be a much less loving and much more dull place without the companionship of our animal friends. The key to animal ownership is in treating your pet with all the love and care you would give to other members of your family. If you give your animal all the love it gives to you, you’ll have a firm bond that can never really be broken.