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Why is My Pregnant Dog Bleeding

The pregnancy of a dog lasts between 58 and 68 days, during which time you may notice that your dog has a small amount of vaginal discharge rather mucous. If this has a pink tinge it is the norm. If you notice that it is red, that it has blood or that your dog even has pus then it may indicate that there is some problem with your dog’s pregnancy. Bleeding during pregnancy is not normal and requires immediate veterinary care.

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Spontaneous abortion

One of the most serious causes for bleeding your dog during pregnancy is miscarriage or miscarriage. Symptoms of a miscarriage are vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. The dog may expel a fetus from her uterus or several. While the cause of such an event is often related to a hormonal imbalance there may also be other underlying medical conditions, such as an infection. At the first signs of vaginal bleeding during your dog’s pregnancy, it is important to take her immediately to a veterinarian to diagnose the cause.

During pregnancy, your dog may develop virginity a condition that can produce a vaginal discharge that contains blood. Bacterial infections are the main cause of this irritation of the vaginal area. You may see that the dog licks the area leaves spots on the floor or urinates frequently with this condition.

Cystitis is another type of infection that can occur during pregnancy, which affects the bladder of the dog. An infection of the bladder can cause blood in the urine, which can also appear in the bloodstream. A dog with a bladder infection may feel tense when urinating or experiencing some pain. Treatment for any of these conditions may require the use of an antibiotic that is considered safe for pregnant dogs but will always need to be recommended by a veterinarian.

Pyrometer is a potentially fatal condition that can affect a dog during the first month of pregnancy. This is a serious uterine infection, which can lead to unpleasant vaginal discharge and blood. In some cases, the cervix is ​​completely closed, causing an accumulation of infected fluid. The treatment for this condition is usually the surgical removal of the uterus itself through a sterilization procedure. Depending on the severity of the dog’s condition could be lost to the entire litter.

It is important that if your dog is pregnant and has any type of vaginal bleeding or if you have a vaginal discharge during pregnancy that is not normal it can indicate an infection or complication during pregnancy and should be treated by a professional.

To prevent the spread of diseases that can affect your dog’s pregnancy, it is important to keep her isolated for three weeks before giving birth. If you use antibiotics that can affect the dog’s fetuses, not treating the serious infections that cause bleeding can lead to the death of your dog.

Puppies may also be affected by untreated infection after they are born since they can receive bacteria in their body. It is necessary that before any doubt you go to your veterinarian so that you can examine your dog and assess his health condition.