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10 Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool this Summer

The intense heat can reduce appetite and desire to move, but can also have more serious consequences, such as the dreaded heat stroke. In this article are some tips to protect your dog from the summer heat.

1. Keep hydrated

Let him fresh and clean available 24 hours day water and periodically checks that water remains in the trough and the trough is not in full sun in summer is easier than water evaporate or just warm and the dog stop drinking because.

You can also place more drinkers at home, especially near where the dog lies. Thus, even if the dog would not move always have a drinking fountain nearby. Water is important not only at home: do not forget to take water and a portable drinking fountain when salts ride, you hike or make a car trip with your dog.

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2. Fix up homemade ice cream

Try to put some ice cubes in the trough. The ice is not harmful to dogs and if for the dog water was too cold let available to other sprue without cubes will allow you to choose the water you prefer. With ice also you can prepare homemade toys.

To do this you only need a mold for ice cream or a plastic container, some water and feed grains. It mixes the feed with water and when the water is frozen, the ice block is removed, the water passes under the tongue does not engage, and gives the dog. Of course, for this type of game ideally have an outdoor space, a terrace: this homemade toy is very successful among dogs, but must be cleaned after each game session.

3. Protect the sun

It is very important that the dog has a cool and protected from the sun to rest place, especially in the warmer hours of the day. This applies if you live in one house like living abroad.

4. Refreshes the environment

Use a fan or air conditioning can be a good measure to lower the ambient temperature.

5. Dip it

Him wet, especially in the head and trunk, can help lower the temperature of the dog. Dogs do not sweat like people and the water that is wet, the evaporation causes an effect similar to sweat. Put in the garden a swimming pool for dogs is also a good choice for the dog to cool.

6. Adapts bed

In summer many dogs prefer to rest on the floor. It could be a consequence of a too warm little bed that is not suitable for the summer heat. However, in the market you can find many beds which favor heat dispersion, as raised beds of soil or that are made of a breathable material. There are also cooling mats that help the dog to keep the temperature body. The important thing is that when the mats are used, the dog always has a choice where to stand to rest.

7. Cut off hair

This is not to shave, but if the dog has long hair, cut it especially in the belly can be another measure to help control the temperature. When the hair is cut, the important thing is to leave about 2-3 centimeters in length approximate as part protects hair from heat and sunburn.

8. Gently brush

Would you have or not cut hair, frequent brushing is very advisable to promote molting and remove the undercoat that is the finest and woolly hair mantle that serves to warm in winter.

9. Do not do physical activities at times of more heat

It is important to take the dog for a walk in the times when it is less hot and prevent it from intense exercise.

10. Feed him when it is cooler

When the dog has less appetite because of the heat, they can give you to eat at least warm hours of the day, like early morning or evening.

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