10 Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool In the Summer

Summers are toughest weather, for human and also for our pets. The intense heat can not only reduce appetite and desire to move, but can also have more serious consequences, such as the dreaded heat stroke. In this article, we are providing you with some tips to protect your dog from the summer heat.

10 Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool In the Summer

1. Keep hydrated

Let your dog stay close to fresh and clean water 24 hours day and make sure that water remains in the trough and keep an eye on the quantity. During summer, the water evaporates easily so it is better to check it every now and then. Also, check the temperature of the water, it shouldn’t be too warm for the dog. If it’s too warm, the dog will naturally stop drinking and can get dehydrated.

You can also place water bowls everywhere at home, especially in places where the dog likes to stay. Thus, even if the dog would not move, it will always have a drinking water nearby. Water is not only important at home but also outside during the walks, or tips to grocery stores etc. Do not forget to take water and a portable drinking fountain during hikes or even car trips with your dog.

2. Fix up homemade ice cream

Try to put some ice cubes in the trough. The ice is not harmful for the dogs but if you notice that the water gets really cold, then take out the cubes and let the temperature rise a little naturally.

To make a homemade ice cream, you only need a mold for ice-cream or a plastic container, some water and some food pieces/kibbles. Mix the two in a mold or plastic container and let it freeze in the freezer until solid. Remove it from the mold and serve it fresh! Viola! Your dog would really enjoy eating this homemade ice-cream. Also, you can freeze his toys in the containers with some water too, he will love paying with them.

Of course, this type of game is suitable for an outdoor space, a terrace. This homemade toy is very successful among dogs, but must be cleaned after each game session.

3. Protection against the sun

It is very important that the dog has a cool resting place away from the direct sunlight, especially in the warmer hours of the day. If he liked staying outside under the sun in other weathers, gradually shift his place away from the sun as the weather gets warmer. Or you can also build a small shed at your backyard or front yard, whichever is cooler for him to rest.

4. Keep him cool

It is highly recommended to keep his resting place where he can enjoy some air-conditioning, if that’s not possible make sure he has a fan working. Blowers are a better choice since they are safer. But in any case, every once a while go and check that the fan is always working. Also, make sure that the wire doesn’t tangle with him and that the socket/switchboard is well covered and safe.

5. Frequent Baths

If it’s too hot, make sure that the dog stays cool. Give him baths every now and then. Keep his head and trunk wet. Also, an inflatable swimming pool in the garden is also a great idea. Try filling the pool with his bath toys to motivate him to jump in.

6. Keep the bed cool

In summer many dogs prefer to rest on the floor. It could be a consequence of his bed being too warm. However, in the market you can find many beds which favor heat dispersion, as raised beds of soil or that are made of a breathable material. There are also cooling mats that help the dog to keep the body temperature normal. The cooling mats are really effective and of course convenient way to keep the dog cool during summers.

7. Cut off hair

If the dog has long hair, cut it. Don’t shave it, but just cut short the length especially in the belly. Cutting hair helps control the temperature of the body by not letting it get too warm. When the hair is cut, the important thing is to leave about 2-3 centimeters in length approximate as having some hair protects body from heat and sunburn.

8. Brush hair

Would you have or not cut hair, frequent brushing is very advisable to remove the undercoat that is the finest and woolly hair mantle that serves to keep warm in winter. Remove all the tangles and allow his skin to breathe through.

9. Do not do physical activities at times of more heat

It is important to take the dog for a walk in the times when it is less hot like mornings and evenings. Do not miss the walks as they allow dog to stay more active and vigilant. Their physical activity is really important but if the weather is really hot or unbearable, just shift his exercise to a cooler time. And in any case, cut the duration of exercise and make sure he is well hydrated. Allow him to take breaks between different set of exercise. And never ever take him out in intense heat. Keep him inside during the hottest hours of the day with fresh cold water available at all times. Like mentioned above an inflatable swimming pool is also very effective way to keep the dog active and cool. Swimming itself is the best exercise to perform during summers.

10. Feed when it is cooler

Heat reduces the appetite of every living being. You will notice that during summer the dog eats less. It is probably due to his food getting warmer. Since the adult dogs feed every 12 hours, schedule his meal times at cooler times of the day. The shift of time should be gradual without letting the dog starve. It is also advisable moving his food station to a colder place. It will help you stick to the schedule of his meal times.  If you find any sudden or alarming change in the dogs eating habits or his activities, consult your veterinarian.