Tips for Dog Safety Around Children

When it comes to childhood safety, all kids need to be taught to respect living things, including people and animals. At the same time, many children do not know how to behave around dogs. They may engage in unsafe behavior that puts themselves and the animal at risk unless they are taught otherwise. In fact, children often engage in dangerous behavior (approaching too close to a chained dog or trying to hug or kiss an unfamiliar animal) that a supervising adult would have prevented.

Therefore, it is important for parents to keep a close eye on their children and teach them how to interact with dogs. That way, they can learn that dogs are a man’s best friend instead of thinking that dogs are dangerous creatures. There are a few key points to keep in mind.

Teach Kids To Be Gentle with Dogs

Most dogs are only going to bite someone if they feel threatened. Therefore, it is important for parents that teach their kids to be gentle around dogs. Parents should take their kids and teach them specifically how to pet a dog. They should show them a gentle hand feels like and where they should pet a dog to make sure the dog feels comfortable.

Do not let the child pull on the animal’s ears, tail, or fur. Instead, teach them to stroke the animal slowly. Feeling the ears is okay; however, young kids always need to be supervised so they know how to pet a dog appropriately.

Ask for Permission To Pet the Animal Before Reaching Out

All parents need to teach their kids that they need to ask for permission before they start cutting a dog. Teach kids that they need to approach the owner first and always ask for permission. The owner knows his or her dog best and will properly steer kids away from dogs that do not like attention. Always say hello to the dog first to get his or her attention.

Then, approach the dog slowly. Never run up to a dog quickly because he or she is going to feel startled. Then, hold out the hand and let the dog sniff the hand before petting the dog. The reaction of the dog after sniffing the hand will let the child know if the dog is okay being pet.

Teach Kids To Avoid Unattended Dogs

Finally, it is important to teach kids the difference between domesticated dogs and stray dogs. Even though stray dogs might be friendly, they may still not be safe. Domesticated dogs have had all of their shots. Therefore, they are safe for kids to pet as long as the owner provides permission. On the other hand, stray dogs may not have been properly vaccinated.

This means that, in addition to having on certain personalities and temperaments, they may also carry diseases that threaten children. Kids need to be taught to stay away from unattended dogs. Teach kids to look for leashes and collars.

Dogs Can Be a Man’s Best Friend

These are a few of the most important points that parents have to keep in mind when they are teaching their kids about safety around dogs. Dogs are incredibly friendly. As long as they are trained, they should be friendly around people of all ages, including children.

At the same time, parents still need to teach their kids to behave appropriately around dogs to ensure everyone remains safe.