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There are vegetarian dogs

Are there dog’s vegetarians? It is not difficult for it to happen. However, when that happens, it is natural that there is a business behind him is too. Dogs are omnivores and carnivores cats, so, in principle, the animal nutrition experts recommend not offer them a meat – free diet.

In those countries where the vegetarian diet for dogs is demand, there is a wide range of feed of this type, which do not include meat among its ingredients.

The number of vegetarian dogs is proportional to that of owners who are also vegetarian. A vegetarian or vegan person decides to offer your animal an exempt supply of meat because he wants to be consistent with its principles, also about your pet.

vegetarian dogs

Do I need vegetarian dogs?

Some veterinarians say that dogs have always eaten meat and do not need a vegetarian diet. Clinical veterinarian Jose Luis Torres says: “A vegetarian diet can be offered to dogs, because it is done, and nothing happens, but that does not mean that it is the best thing for the animal.”

In the case of choosing specific vegetarian feed dogs, you have to choose one that will bring them the vitamins and components needed to have a healthy and complete diet.

From the National Association of Manufacturers Food for Pets ( ANFAAC ) indicate that “from a conceptual point of view, a dog might get a consistent diet with our idea of vegetarian diet, provided they were supplemented with additives that would provide the Nutrients that, based only on raw materials of plant origin, would not be contributed “.

Veterinary control

If we turn our pet vegetarians dogs, it is important that the veterinarian perform track . Keep in mind that changes in animal feed are not recommended. Hence the importance of it being done in a gradual and controlled manner by the veterinarian.

Tips for vegetarian dogs

  • If you decide on a vegetarian diet for the dog, you have to consult your veterinarian. Each animal is different and if there are certain health problems, may not be desirable a change of feed.
  • The dog is one carnivorous animal, which is being man. The history of evolution has developed a specific physiology for each animal according to his or her lifestyle.
  • In the same way, that human beings have a teething prepared for grinding, cutting and chewing food, teething dog it is ready to cut, tear and tear food. They lack molars, which specifically serve to grind vegetables.
  • As regards the digestive tract, while in humans is prepared for digestion of a variety of important food, the digestive tract of a dog is prepared for digestion of meat.
  • Our digestive system is very long, since the vegetables have a slower digestion, but the digestion of the dog is very short. In fact, they have a much more acidic than our gastric juices. Its digestions are 10 minutes.

Vegetarian dogs. Do not decide for our pet

Analyzing these factors surrounding vegetarian dogs, we think that being a vegetarian is an individual decision that should affect the person himself. Wanting to feed a dog only with vegetables will affect your health enormously, since the dog needs at least 80% animal protein to be well nourished.

In its wild nature, a dog will hunt animals and eat them. And if he eats vegetables, he will eat them from the intestines and stomachs he can eat from the animal he is devouring. We will never see a wild dog eat carrots in an orchard.

For this reason, a dog like carnivorous animal must be fed as such and, before any change in their diet, especially if it is such a drastic change, it is essential to consult with the vet, and he will doing routine monitoring of the animal.

Feed for vegetarian dogs

This type of feed containing high fiber and low in calories. They are usually made with organic ingredients. In addition, they are suitable for dogs with allergies and overweight.

Vegetarian feed dog s do not contain meat or animal. This type of vegan and organic products contain all the necessary elements in a diet.

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