The Top Mental Enrichment Toys for Dogs

Dog toys are a fantastic way of keeping that playful pup entertained and well catered for while you have to get on with the more serious human stuff. When it comes to sniffing out a few treats to spice up your dog’s play time, you’re faced with an impressive amount of choice. With so many different options and styles out there, you’d be forgiven if you found yourself chasing your tail for a little while. The key to making your hunt for the perfect dog toy as quick and as successful as possible? Research! A tiny little bit of light research goes a very long way, and human, you’ve come to the right place to get it done. Here is how to find the perfect dog toy for your favourite fluff ball!

Choose your category

There are an awful lot of options out there when it comes to finding your dog’s next favourite toy. Sometimes, you just can’t beat a classic, and there isn’t anything more classic than a good old fashioned enrichment toy! Enrichment toys are basically like play time plus engagement and your dog’s favourite thing aside from you, treats! There are a few different types of enrichment toys out there on the market. These are some of the best and brightest for engaging even the most bored of adorable dog…

Chew time

An enrichment chew toy is the king of the dog toys! The rough and tough cone style can stash all kinds of cheeky treats to make hunting, chewing and playing all the more engaging for your dog. Look for a sturdy, thick style that is suited to your dog’s size and stature – a tiny toy is not going to stand up well against a big and beautiful jaw bone, is it? No! Dog size and breed is often ignored when people are shopping for their fur babies, which is crazy when you take a second to think about it. A great dane and a chiuaua are very different (yet equally adorable) dogs at the end of the day, meaning that they have very different needs particularly when it comes to crunch time – toy crunching! You can stash kibble, cut up veggies, fruit, yogurt and peanut butter inside of your dog’s enrichment toy to light up their senses and keep them entertained for endless hours of calm yet highly enjoyable fun!


Tug of war

This toy is something that the two of you can enjoy together – whenever you’re up for it, of course! When the time comes for some human and dog play time action, no toy is better than the tug of war toy! This roped and balled bad boy is going to engage the both of you in all kinds of ruff and tumble fun, but it can also be enjoyed by two dogs as long as they get along swimmingly first. Look for a really well made toy that is going to be able to take the push and pull of the typical tug of war, even the small dogs can get carried away when they’re fighting and more often than not, it’s the low quality toy that suffers! You also want to be totally sure that no small parts are going to come loose on this one, as this can be a choking hazard and highly unsafe, which no fur parent wants in their home. High quality jaw friendly materials only, thank you!

Lick mats

Lastly, lick mats! These guys might look mellow, but stuff them with the right stuff, and they will provide your dogs with hours and hours of fun. This style of toy attaches to any flat surface in your home (floor is preferable) and acts like a small hunting ground for your dog’s sensitive snout! Hide sneaky treats into the folds of materials and watch your sniffer dog go to town for as long as it takes. This toy actually adds to the vibrancy and fun feel of your fur family home, so you’re getting an extra treat for your eyes, too! Make sure to keep your lick mat nice and clean so that your dog isn’t hunting for something unsavoury in there.

Any one of these enrichment toys is going to thrill your dog! Building up a collection of stylish and sustainable dog toys will mean that your furry friend keeps the boredom at bay, all day long. Whilst they shouldn’t be playing unsupervised, these styles of toy are ideal for when you need to be getting on with work, childcare, cleaning or dinner! Your dog really is the light of your life, so why not treat them to some serious fun and enriching free time whilst you’re cracking on with the more serious stuff? Get shopping for dog enrichment toys to treat your furry pal.