The Best Brain Games for Dogs

One of the best ways you get a well-behaved dog is to keep them occupied. If they’re too busy doing something fun, then they can’t get into the trash or rip up the couch cushions. Playing some brain games with your dog will be a fun activity for you and them.

Using something like Brain Training 4 Dogs will help you create a dog who’s not only lovable but also a role model to dogs everywhere. If you’re looking for fast and easy ways to show off your dog’s skills and maintain their training, look no further than this article. Here we discuss some of the best brain games you can play with your dog to keep your dog engaged and happy. 

Feeding puzzle

A feeding puzzle is a great way to get your dog’s physical and mental energy out when you don’t have the energy to play. You can set up a feeding puzzle that your dog has to solve to get a treat. A lot of dogs have fun spending hours trying to get the treat from within the puzzle. 

You can find these online and in your local stores. You can also get a few different Kong Toys that require your dog to compulsively like until they get all the peanut butter out from within the middle. 


If you’ve ever seen a dog doing agility, then you know just how cool they look when they’re running across the agility course. Dogs who are high energy will benefit from this because they’ll be able to release all their physical energy by jumping through hurdles and running through tunnels while also using their mental intelligence to navigate the course. 

Agility training will help you burn a few calories too since you’ll be the one guiding your dog through the course. You’ll also build a stronger bond with your dog because it’s something you can both work on together. 

Bring them somewhere new

Bring them somewhere new

Taking your dog on an adventure is another great way to activate their brain. New sights and smells will stimulate your dog’s mind as they walk or run to drain the rest of their energy. It’s also a great way to socialize your dog and reinforce good manners when out in public. 

You can go to your local pet store, the dog park, or for a walk around the block. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s not your home. Your dog will certainly love the adventure and you’ll have a great time out of the house. If you’re looking for ideas on where to take your dog on an adventure, click the link below. 

Hide and seek

I had a dog I used to play hide and seek with and it was a lot of fun for both of us. I remember hiding behind a chair or beneath the kitchen table while I waited for my sister to let the dog out. I would giggle while my sister kept asking the dog where I was. He got so excited when he found me that he would nearly knock me over with licks and a wagging tail. 

Playing hide and seek with your dog will teach them how to work on their training commands such as to “stay” and “come.” It’ll also give your dog a mystery to solve as they search through the house for your location.

Wrap your dog’s toys in a box and let them open it

Everyone loves getting gifts, including your dog. It doesn’t have to be Christmas morning for your dog to open up something that they love. If you shop online, I’m sure you have a few free boxes left over from your package delivery. 

You can use the empty box by placing your dog’s toys or treats inside them and taping them shut. Once you’re ready, you can give it to your dog to break open. They’ll have to work at the box hard to get to the toys or treats that are inside. It’s a great way for them to release some energy and solve a puzzle.

Teach them something new

By teaching your dog something new, you can ensure that they’re using that big brain of theirs for something constructive. This will motivate them to do something productive with their energy and it’ll also be a cool way to show the world how cute your dog is. 

You can teach them a variety of tricks like shake, rollover, play dead, or speak. These are fun activities for your dog to do and they make a great conversation starter at the dog park. Click here if you want to know exactly how to teach your dog some cool new tricks.

Water frisbee

Water frisbee

When it’s hot and humid, your dog will love a trip to a lake or beach. Swimming will allow them to work their body as they paddle through the water. When you add a frisbee to the mix, they’ll have to use their brain to wait for the right moment to catch the frisbee. 

Between being excited about the water and being excited about the frisbee, you’re dog’s mental state will be overloaded with happiness.

Teach them to perform a task

Dogs are smart creatures and as such can perform a variety of tasks that can make our lives easier. You can have them fetch things around the house for you, like the mail or the clothes scattered across your room. Some dogs learn to grab cans of soda from the fridge or turn off lights. 

This gives your dog a chance to use their intelligence in a way that’s fun for you. Since dogs were bred to serve humans, their willingness to work can be channeled in a way that is productive and useful.

When it comes to our dogs, we want nothing but the best. Dogs have short lives compared to ours so we owe it to them to give them the best life possible. By incorporating brain games into our dog’s weekly routine, we ensure that our dogs will be well taken care of and happy throughout their lives. 

Brain games will keep your dog from being bored, encourage them to do physical activity, and use their intelligence for non-destructive tasks.