Dog Training

Teach my dog ​​to walk beside me step by step

Dogs are incredible animals capable of learning a great diversity of orders to please us and receive some goodies in the meantime. Among the orders that can be learned, we find that walking next to us, very useful and beneficial if we want to take it loose in some places and not run any danger. In this article from expert animal, we are going to offer you some tips so that you know how to teach my dog ​​to walk beside me systematic using positive reinforcement as a basic tool.

Teach my dog ​​

Remember that positive reinforcement greatly improves animal perception and learning speed. Before you start, you should know that the fact that your dog is ahead of you does not mean that it is dominant, simply that it tries to enjoy the walk relaxed sniffing and discovering new stimuli. Teaching the order for the dog to walk next to you will be essential to make sure that you do not escape on an outing, but that does not mean that you should take your dog to your side constantly stuck, you should allow him to express himself freely and enjoy as any animal would.

In we only use positive reinforcement, a technique recommended by professionals that allows us to quickly assimilate what we want to teach our dog. Let us start the process by making us treats for dogs or various snacks. If you do not have at your fingertips none you can use Frankfurt’s. Cut them into tiny dice.

Now that you have tasted a treat that you like and motivates let’s go down to the street to start with the training. Once the dog has already done his needs we will start educating him to walk next to us, we recommend that you look for a quiet and isolated area. The process is very simple: we will take a treat. We will show it and we will call you with the chosen word. When the dog approaches us to receive it, we will continue walking at least one meter with the candy and we will offer. What are we doing? We try to get the dog to walk close to us with a prize.

It will be basic and fundamental to repeat the procedure on a regular basis so that the dog assimilates and relates it correctly. It is a very simple order that can be easily learned, the difficulty lies with us and the desire we have to practice it. Remember that not all dogs will learn the order as quickly and is that the time we devote to teaching a dog to walk beside us step by step will vary depending on age, predisposition or stress. Of course, positive reinforcement will help the dog assimilate better and faster.