The Strong and Elegant Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren at the beach

The Belgian Tervuren is a medium-size dog belonging to the Herding dog group, which means that it was once intended to be trained to herd sheep. However, because of the elegant coat of the Belgian Tervuren, it has rather been bred to be a show dog over the years. Because it is … Read more

The Active and Obedient Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a short-haired dog considered to be one of the four breeds of Belgian Sheepdogs. Although they are genetically bred to be herding dogs, the Malinois is most notable today as a service dog who works for the police and the military in the United States. To know more … Read more

The Beautiful and Intelligent Belgian Sheepdog

Belgian Sheepdog with black fur

The Belgian Sheepdog is a handsome medium-sized dog that is known to have an elegant black fur. However, there are some “sheepdogs” that have fawn, beige, or brown fur, but they are not considered to be Belgian Sheepdogs. What is the difference between the Belgian Sheepdog and the other breeds similar to … Read more

The Affectionate and Intelligent Belgian Laekenois

The Affectionate and Intelligent Belgian Laekenois

The Belgian Laekenois is an outstanding shepherd that has a close association with other shepherds that are native to Belgium, such as the Tervuren, Groenendael, and the Malinois. However, the difference of the Laekenois among these shepherds is that it has a unique wiry and curly coat. The Belgian Laekenois is considered … Read more