Samoyed – The Friendly and Gentle Working Dog


Don’t judge the book by its cover. This saying is not only used for humans but also dogs. There are dogs that are built for work; some breeds showcase their athletic and strong features through their sturdy appearance. However, there are also breeds that you might find deceiving, mainly because of their … Read more

Spinone Italiano – The Socialble and Patient Italian Sport Dog

Spinone Italiano

  Sports have been a significant part of dogdom over the years, and many dog owners have their canine companions participate in various dog sports around the globe. Because of this, dog breeders also developed certain types of dogs that could perform well in the sports arena. That is why today, several … Read more

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

a Pyrenean Mastiff with its owner

If you are a fan of the Portuguese Podengo, then you would surely love this breed. A variation of the standard Podengo, the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno, is the smallest version of the Podengos. The Pequeno possesses all the distinctive qualities of the Podengo, including its athletic body and beautiful coat that comes … Read more

Portuguese Podengo – The Versatile Working Dog

A wirehaired Portuguese Podengo

We may see dogs as incredible workers, mainly because of their several excellent qualities. Some of them excel in certain types of canine tasks, such as hunting, herding, guarding, and so on. Interestingly, there are dogs known to be incredibly useful for diverse kinds of jobs. These versatile breeds are equipped with … Read more

Norwegian Lundehund – The Loyal Companion Dog of Norway

Norwegian Lundehund

The wintry lands of the Nordic is known to have produced several excellent breeds that surely made a significant impact in the history of dogdom. These dogs excel in various types of canine tasks, which includes herding, guarding, and hunting. Versatile dogs indeed: the Nordic breeds prove to be remarkable and unique … Read more

Norwegian Elkhound – The Robust Spitz-type Breed

Norwegian Elkhound

Another spitz-type breed known for its fascinating ancestry and incredibly characteristics: the Norwegian Elkhound. Similar to the Norwegian Buhund, this breed once sailed the vast oceans alongside the Vikings, helping them with various tasks. The Norwegian Elkhound is a breed with obvious origins. This dog quickly gained recognition, mainly because of its … Read more

Norwegian Buhund – The Confident Nordic Herding Dog

Norwegian Buhund

It is interesting how dogs became popular herding companions over the years. They helped farmers not just in herding flocks, but also in various types of canine tasks. The greatness of herding dogs was already present many years ago, and each of them is equipped with unique characteristics that is sure to … Read more

Mountain Cur – The Intelligent and Courageous Hunting Dog

Mountain Cur

Most dogs are talented when it comes to work. One of the most common tasks known for dogs is hunting; it was an activity for dogs ever since ancient times, wherein it helped in the survival of humans. Interestingly, many dogs are capable of working in the hunting field, and each of … Read more

Giant Schnauzer –The Gentle Giant Dog

Miniature Schnauzer

Massive and loyal are what best describe the Giant Schnauzer. Apparent from its name, the Giant Schnauzer is an incredibly large breed that sure to keep intruders at bay. It has a powerful and tough body, which is ideal for various types of canine tasks. Its beautiful appearance and elegant coat might … Read more

German Longhaired Pointer – The Versatile Hunter

German Longhaired Pointer

Various breeds specialize in different activities; some of them excel in sports, others in dog shows, while there are some who dominate the hunting field. Just seeing how these dogs participate in such activities give us a sense of attraction towards these creatures. Hunting is one of the most popular activities hundreds … Read more