Swedish Vallhund – The Vocal and Confident Herding Dog

Swedish Vallhund

Small, powerful, low and long, the Swedish Vallhund is a dog with Viking roots primarily used for herding cattle and working on farms. Today, he serves as an engaging companion, well-loved for its zest for life, confidence, and playfulness, much like his Corgi cousins. Regarded as a “big dog in a small … Read more

Drever – The Friendly and Athletic Dog

When it comes to friendliness and versatility, Drever is one of the breeds that would quickly come to mind. This dog is well-known for its highly sociable nature that goes along with most breeds, as well as humans. Its wonderful trait makes it an incredible family companion that is open for various … Read more

Danish-Swedish Farmdog–The Small Show Dog

Danish-Swedish Farmdog

Small and athletic: these are the features that best describe the Danish-Swedish Farmdog. Apparent from its name, we can often see this breed on farms. It was a significant part of Danish farmlands over the years; it was a remarkable herder, showcasing its skills to many dog breeders. Besides herding, the Danish-Swedish … Read more